Der richtige Lidstrich bei abfallenden Augen

Du fragst dich, wie du bei abfallenden Augen den Lidstrich aufträgst? In diesem Guide erfährst du alles Wissenswerte.

Darlings, did you know that there are different ways to apply eyeliner to complement different eye shapes? When it comes to eyes, the ultimate beauty goal is to create the illusion of sexy and sultry elongated eyes.

If your eyes are downturned, you’ll notice that the outermost corners of your eyelids pull slightly downwards when you look directly ahead in the mirror. Your eyeliner technique should therefore work to lift the look of your outer corners to create a more feline, elongated, almond-style appearance. 

Downturned Eye Shape graphic

Ready to discover how to apply eyeliner for downturned eyes? Read on for my step-by-step guide and top tips and tricks for applying eyeliner to downturned eyes.

How to Apply Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

When you have downturned eyes, you’ll want to create an uplifted eye makeup look to help your eyes appear wider and almond-shaped! That’s why the classic cat-eye style is perfect for downturned eyes!

Discover my magic Feline Flick technique for downturned eyes below and create the illusion of lifted eyes in seconds… 

Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes graphic

MAGIC STEP 1: Line your lash-line

Take my award-winning Feline Flick eyeliner pen in Panther and draw a very fine line along your lash line until you reach two-thirds of the way across your lid.

Feline Flick packshot for blog

MAGIC STEP 2: Thicken and lift at the outer third

When you reach the outer third of your upper lash-line, start to thicken the line, sweeping the pen slightly up and out. This technique will help lift the look of your eyes where they are naturally downturned, to create an uplifted look!

MAGIC STEP 3 : Draw the dots!

Look in the mirror and using my Feline Flick eyeliner pen, draw a dot where your flick should end. This can be as long or short as you’d like! To determine the angle of your wing, image an invisible line continuing in an upward motion from your outer bottom lash line. You can do this by placing your eyeliner pen as an anchor before applying, to effortlessly reveal the perfect angle!

MAGIC STEP 4: Amplify your lashes!

Complement your new Feline Flick look with lashings and lashings of my Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara in Super Black to create a wide-eyed flutter, concentrating on your outer corner lashes to create a more lifted look! This ICONIC and award-winning mascara adds instant volume, length, stretch and lift to enhance and flatter your natural downturned eye shape in seconds!

Travel Pillow Talk Mascara packshot for blog

Tilbury Tip: If you plan to apply eyeshadow to your look, keep your darkest shade more concentrated on the outer edges of your lids. This will create the look of extra dimension and lift!

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