What Cleanser Should I Use?

Wondering which cleanser is best for your skin type and how to apply a cleanser? This helpful guide tells you how to choose cleanser, how to apply it and more.

Facial cleanser should be used every day as part of your daily skincare routine if you want a HEALTHY and RADIANT-LOOKING complexion. Not only does it rid your skin of dirt, sweat, excess oil, dead skin cells and residue makeup, but it provides so many extra skincare benefits.

Charlotte’s SUPERCHARGED face cleansers work by providing a spa-like, deep cleanse while also treating your complexion to skin-loving ingredients! The results? A SOFT, SMOOTH and SUPPLE-LOOKING complexion that appears visibly brighter and refreshed!

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Charlotte's Superstar Cleansers

Multi-Miracle Glow

Short on time? Charlotte’s 3-in-1 Multi-Miracle Glow is a cleanser, mask and balm in one that moisturises and nourishes your skin for an OVERNIGHT FACIAL FINISH. Perfect if you’re looking for a cleansing product that brightens and transforms dull skin fast, Multi-Miracle Glow with vitamins C & E leaves you with a dewy and baby soft feeling complexion. Apply using Charlotte’s WONDER WORKOUT massage technique for a dreamy deep cleanse, or leave on overnight for a fabulous overnight facial! Multi-Miracle Glow can also be used as a beauty balm. Simply apply directly onto targeted areas to cheat a polished, supermodel-looking finish!

multi-miracle glow

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Goddess Cleansing Ritual

If you love to indulge in an at-home spa experience and want to reap the MAGICAL rewards of double cleansing, Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual will hydrate your skin, purify your pores and leave your complexion looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s a ‘spa-in-a-jar’ duo containing a citrus oil cleanser with vitamins C, E and A to brighten and even out the appearance of your skin tone and a bamboo charcoal cleanser for a RADIANT-LOOKING complexion.

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Cleansing Balm vs Oil

Cleansing balm removes dirt, oil and makeup from your skin… Because of its gentle but SUPERCHARGED ingredients, Charlotte’s Multi-Miracle Glow is a 3-in-1 cleanser, mask and balm that’s suitable for all skin types, but especially dry or sensitive skin. Simply apply directly onto your dry face, massage in using Charlotte’s WONDER WORKOUT massage technique and rinse off for skin that feels smooth and refreshed.

Cleansing oils are a little different because they have an oil base, which helps to unclog your pores without interfering with your skin’s natural barrier or drying out your skin. Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual contains a rejuvenating citrus oil cleanser. Simply massage onto your face before applying a warm water-soaked muslin cloth to melt off your makeup and unclog your pores. For an extra cleanse, apply the charcoal cleanser straight afterwards, using your muslin cloth to gently wash off for DEWY and DREAMY skin.

Tilbury Tip: Don’t forget to discover your skin type to find out which cleansing products are best for your skin!

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Best Cleanser for your Skin Type

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Cleanser for oily skin

If you have oily skin that’s prone to breakouts, Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual will NURTURE and REBALANCE the look of your complexion. The idea of applying more oil to oily skin might not make sense but actually, the citrus oil cleanser works together with your skin to restore its balance without drying it out. Meanwhile, its bamboo charcoal cleanser with Vitamin B3 is great for oily skin as it helps to improve skin’s clarity by slowing down the release of sebum (your skin’s natural oil).

Cleanser for dry skin

If your skin is rough or flaky, Charlotte’s Multi-Miracle Glow will enhance your skin’s moisture levels, leaving it looking and feeling both SOFT and SUPPLE. It contains arctic cloudberry oil for a softer-feeling complexion, vitamins C, E and A to nourish and transform dull looking skin, rosehip oil for skin revitalization, camellia oil for a dewy-looking complexion and coconut alkanes to help prevent moisture loss and keep skin feeling smooth.

Cleanser for combination skin

If you have an oily T-zone and dry or normal skin on your cheeks, you probably have combination skin. Combining both a rejuvenating citrus oil cleanser and a purifying charcoal cleanser, Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual is a great combination skin cleanser with each step helping to rebalance the look of your complexion and minimize the appearance of breakouts while flooding your skin with HYDRATION.

Cleanser for normal skin

Normal skin still needs some TLC! Both of Charlotte’s cleansers are suitable for all skin types; Charlotte’s Multi-Miracle Glow is a 3-in-1 mask, face and body balm and cleanser that’ll give your complexion a GORGEOUS GLOW, while Goddess Cleansing Ritual is perfect for skincare-lovers who enjoy putting time aside for a dreamy double-cleanse every morning and night!

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How To Use A Cleansing Balm

If you’re using Charlotte’s 3-in-1 Multi-Miracle Glow as a cleansing balm for a FACIAL FINISH, there are two ways to achieve MAGICAL results.

MAGIC METHOD 1: Apply to your dry face, massage in using Charlotte’s WONDER WORKOUT technique and rinse off for a dreamy deep cleanse.

MAGIC METHOD 2: Apply directly onto targetted areas and massage in for a SOFT and SUPERMODEL glow.

How To Use A Face Cleanser

If you’re looking to achieve DREAMY skin that feels refreshed and rejuvenated, use Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual and follow these MAGIC steps.

MAGIC STEP 1: Massage the citrus oil cleanser onto your face and gently around the eye area. Soak a muslin cloth in warm water and apply it to your face to melt off your makeup. For a magic steam-clean, press the warm muslin cloth onto your face for 20 seconds to open up your pores.

MAGIC STEP 2: Massage the charcoal cleanser into your wet face until it turns white, making sure to avoid your eye area. Soak the muslin cloth in warm water and rinse off.

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