How to Create a Cool-Toned Nude Smokey Eye

Discover how to create a cool-nude smokey eye with NEW! Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette date look for a mysterious and romantic smokey eye to hypnotize everyone!

SUPER NUDE is your SUPERPOWER! Charlotte’s NEW! SUPER NUDES EASY EYE PALETTE is a backstage and red carpet staple inspired by ‘90s supermodel legends—and now you can cheat their iconic cool tone smokey eye! Think of them like the LBDs of makeup — your wardrobe of super nudes to take you from ‘Beautiful You’ before to Super You after!

4x3 super nudes eep packshot

Charlotte has spent over 28 years studying the nuance of nudes, blending cool, warm and neutral shades by hand to contour and define the look of the eyes. Because no two skin tones are the same, Charlotte worked with models of all skin tones, studying her archive of ‘90s nudes against their undertones and overtones to create universal super nudes that mimic nature’s true depth and tone!

The NEW! SUPER NUDES work for all complexions, creating the most natural looking version of you. Unlike other nudes that can make your complexion look washed out, with ashy, yellowy, grey or green undertones, these natural-looking shades flatter your complexion, whether you have fair, medium, or deep skin — from cool to warm!

The Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette is the perfect palette of easy, earthy, nude primary colors that allow you to play with light, shade and glow sending the eyes forward, making them look bigger and brighter! It’s all about playing with light and shade to cheat the shape and look of the eyes! The fresh, neutral taupe and bone shades illuminate and bring the eyes forward, making them look bigger and brighter, while the rich smokey black add depth and definition for a super feline ‘90s supermodel gaze!

"They’re SMOOTHING, FLATTERING, LIFT-EFFECT MODERN MATTES for smokey eyes to hypnotize the world!” -Charlotte Tilbury

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How to Create a Cool Nude Smokey Eye

For the ultimate cool smokey eye, use shades 4, 5 and 6 on the right hand-side of your Easy Eye Palette; PRIME, a cool neutral nude/bone, ENHANCE, a soft taupe and SMOKE/DEFINE, a deep smokey black.

4x3 model cool nude smokey eye

  1. Close-up of a powder eyeshadow in a soft beige shade.


    Sweep the PRIME shade 4 over the entire eyelid using the Blender Brushfor a fresh, wide-awake look.

  2. Close-up of a powder eyeshadow in a sandy beige shade.


    Dip the Blender Brush into the ENHANCE shade 5 and create a shadow effect by blending this from the outer corner into the center of the eyelid.

  3. Close-up of a powder eyeshadow in a jet-black shade.


    Using the Smudger Brush, follow the top and bottom lash lines with the SMOKE/DEFINE shade 6 and blend into the crease and outer corners for a contoured, sultry look.

Tilbury Tip: Apply dry or wet, using Charlotte’s Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray to amplify color pay-off and increase control! And don’t forget to apply lashings and lashings of Legendary Lashes mascara to make your eyes POP!

Once you have your gorgeous cool-tone smokey eye, line your eyes to get even BIGGER, BRIGHTER-LOOKING SUPER STAR EYES with Charlotte’s NEW! Super Nudes Eye Liner Duo! A nude to brighten and a black-brown to enhance, this blendable liner with soft color payoff allows you to create a more FELINE, MESMERIC EYE that’s perfect with a natural nude look!

Use the nude shade to trace along the waterline, then apply the black/brown shade along the top lash line and out into a feline flick to enhance!

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Darlings, you can’t go wrong with a cool nude smokey eye! Watch the full makeup tutorial below, and discover how to create an everyday, soft SUPER nude makeup look using Charlotte’s skincare superstars, complexion icons, supermodel brow secrets and her Super Nudes collection!

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