4 Need-To-Know Lipstick Application Tips

From a statement red lip to a summer coral color, our essential lipstick application tips will have you rocking your favourite lipstick all summer long.

Who doesn’t love rocking a fun lipstick in summer? Whether you’re a coral girl, red lip lover or favour berry shades, lipstick can transform your summer outfit. If your nervous about applying a little color, then fear no more. We have put together our 4 need to know lipstick applications tips that will make applying lipstick super easy & simple!

red lipstick on lips


If you love the fuller lip trend, then you can get a more voluminous pout just with a slick of lip liner! When lining your lips, go very slightly over your natural lip line using a matching shade to your preferred lipstick. This will give you a plumped-up pout without a needle in sight!


luscious lip slick Glowing Jen packshot


When you’re out to the early hours, the last thing you want is to top up your lipstick every hour if you’re eating & drinking. Make your lipstick long-lasting by filling in your lips with the matching lip liner before applying your lipstick. This will help keep the color on, and if it does fade, then you have the lip liner color as a back up!


Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution & Hot Lips lipsticks are shaped specifically with a square-tipped angle so you can apply straight from the bullet for a precise pout! If you want to go one step further, then a lipstick brush can help sharpen corners and perfectly angle your cupid’s bow.


Charlotte tilbury Magic-Away-Liquid-Concealer B #3-LID


If you DO smudge your lipstick at all (we’re looking at you, people who apply makeup on the commute), then concealer is your new BFF. Dot your concealer around your lips to sharpen any lines, and to emphasize your fabulous lipstick! This will ensure you have a picture-perfect pout every time!

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