Charlotte's Letter to You on International Women's Day

Darlings, Happy International Women's Day!

Charlotte, Patsy, Leah, Sofia and Bella

International Women’s Day means celebrating, empowering and encouraging all of the remarkable women in our lives!!

I always say, WOMEN INSPIRE WOMEN, and it is incredibly important to surround yourself with a magical matrix of powerful, positive women who inspire you to reach for the stars.

I’m inspired by women every day and I truly believe there’s a magic in us all! Whether it’s my endlessly supportive and forever glamourous mother Patsy who has always given me great advice, my creative sister Leah, or my brilliant CEO Demetra.

Since the start of my career, I have believed that makeup has the ability to change your frequency and your life! I believe it is a MAGICAL CATALYST FOR EMPOWERMENT and I have been bottling that magic to share it with women and men everywhere!

I always say, if you give everyone the right makeup, they can conquer the world! When you paint it on, your frequency changes, it morphs your outlook, it emboldens you, a lipstick can change the way you feel inside, it can make you dream, it can help you channel your best self, it can give you confidence when you feel afraid and help you inspire others.

This International Women’s Day, I want to remind everyone to always have self-belief and harness what makes you unique, because I believe there’s a powerful, positive chain reaction when we embrace our own magic, and that moment of kindness has a ripple effect, spreading LOVE and JOY from one person to another, and to the world!

Love Charlotte xxx