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NEW! hydrating, plump-effect Pillow Talk pink glittering lip gloss with a dreamy rose gold sparkle!

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Product Information

Darlings, my NEW! Jewel Lips are where makeup magic meets a hypnotic dream of crystals and diamonds! Fall in love with these DECADENT, shine-bright glosses to dazzle and delight!

Jewel Lips in Pillow Talk is an easy-to-apply, diamond gloss for fuller, wider looking lips. With Hyaluronic Acid to flood the lips with plump-effect moisture and hydration, this Pillow Talk pink gloss has a dreamy rose-golden sparkle to MESMERISE!

Capturing the BEAUTIFYING MAGIC of my AWARD-WINNING, BEST-SELLING Pillow Talk world, my NEW! Jewel Lips have been EXPERTLY CREATED so you can adorn yourself with a veil of jewels for MESMERISING LIPS!

3 Pillow Talk beauty icons sold EVERY MINUTE! *

*based on global sales figures for Pillow Talk single products from March 2019 -February 2020

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What makes it magic?

  • LASTS up to 7 HOURS!** Glide on to lips for a perfect-looking pout that feels smoother, softer and more hydrated!

  • Hyaluronic Acid – magic hydrating powers due to its high water-holding capacity!

  • Vitamin E – known for its conditioning and nourishing abilities

  • Film former polymer– creates a soft, elegant, non-tacky feeling film over lips!

  • Diamond Powder – infuses a jewel-like light creating a luminosity and natural-looking glow.

  • Jewel toned pearls – to create a multi-dimensional look


  • 92% AGREE the product gives the lips A SHEER WASH OF GLIMMERING GLOSSY COLOUR!**

  • 97% AGREE their lips are coated with a CUSHIONY, NON-STICKY VEIL!**

  • 96% AGREE the product applies SMOOTHLY with NO DRAGGING!**

  • 97% AGREE the product is LONG-LASTING!**

*based on Charlotte Tilbury global sales figures of Cheek to Chic, Lip Cheat, Lip Lustre, Luxury Palette, Luxury Palette Of Pops, Matte Revolution, Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk Original from January 2019 – December 2019 **tested on 100 women