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Product Information

Darlings, my JEWEL LIP CHEAT KIT is the perfect lip kit for a bejewelled, dazzling diamond pout!

Featuring a Jewel Lips and Lip Cheat in dreamy shades of your choice, discover the perfect pairings below or mix and match for two dazzling additions to your lip collection!

This EXCLUSIVE makeup kit includes:

Jewel Lips in a shade of your choice: my hydrating, plump-effect, easy-to-apply dazzling diamond lip gloss!

Adorn your lips with an opulent veil of glittering color for a mirror-shine finish in a gorgeous shade inspired by opals, diamonds, rubies and gold!

Model one wears Champagne Diamonds Model two wears Blushed Gold Model three wears Opal Magic Model four wears Pillow Talk Model five wears Walk of No Shame

Lip Cheat in a shade of your choice: my backstage beauty secret for fuller, wider looking lips! The dreamy, smooth, waterproof formula glides onto your lips and lasts for up to 6 hours**!


Discover the perfect Lip-Cheat pairings to create your desired, bejewelled lip look…

For a glittering berry-rose lip with a dreamy copper sparkle, choose Lip Cheat and Jewel Lips in Walk of No Shame!

Choose Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Original or Pillow Talk Medium and Jewel Lips in Pillow Talk to capture the BEAUTIFYING MAGIC of my award-winning Pillow Talk world by creating a pink glittering lip with a magical gold sparkle!

Pair Jewel Lips in Opal Magic with Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk Original for a dreamy nude lip look adorned with an iridescent sparkle!

For a gorgeously-defined, sparkling peachy gold pout, select Jewel Lips in Blushed Gold and Lip Cheat in Supersize Me!

Choose Lip Cheat in Hot Gossip and Jewel Lips in Champagne Diamonds; the perfect pair for a sparkling, fuller-looking, champagne-nude lip look!


What makes it magic?

  • Jewel Lips is long lasting—up to 7 hours!*
  • 93% agree the mirror-like finish of Jewel Lips helps to optically hide fine-lines*
  • Hyaluronic Acid –has hydrating properties due its high water-holding capacity.
  • Vitamin E – known for its conditioning and moisturising abilities
  • Film former polymer– creates an excellent soft, elegant, non-tacky feeling film.
  • Diamond Powder –infuses a jewel-like light and clarity creating a luminosity and natural-looking glow.
  • Jewel toned pearls – to create a multi-dimensional look
  • Divine, diamond-inspired, dazzling lid—the jewel in everyone’s party clutch!
  • Lip Cheat lip liner lasts for up to 6 hours** and has a dreamy, smooth texture, so you can resize and reshape the look of the lips for a fuller-looking pout!

*Tested on 100 women

**30 people tested

Dazzling Diamond Beauty Secret