Makeup Tutorial: Party Eyes

Follow Sofia Tilbury's tutorial for a brave, bold, and beautiful party eye makeup look. This smokey, emerald, glittering eye is perfect for a night out.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Magic Eye Rescue

    Step 1: Charlotte's Magic Cream & Magic Eye Rescue

    Start your look by massaging in Charlotte's Magic Cream moisturiser for baby-soft skin. Then massage in Magic Eye Rescue eye cream around your eye area to reduce any puffiness and soothe the delicate skin.

  2. light wonder foundation

    Step 2: Light Wonder foundation

    Apply Light Wonder foundation using the Hollywood Complexion Brush, buffing in to blend it seamlessly.

  3. the retoucher concealer

    Step 3: The Retoucher

    Use The Retoucher concealer to cover any imperfections or under-eye circles, and buff in using the smaller end of the Hollywood Complexion Brush.

  4. airbrush flawless finish powder

    Step 4: Airbrush Flawless Finish

    Dust the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder on areas that get a little oilier to keep your skin looking flawless all day!

  5. legendary brows

    Step 5: Legendary Brows

    Fill in your brows using the Legendary Brows eyebrow gel to hide any sparser areas in a natural looking finish.

  6. Colour Chameleon in Smokey Emerald

    Step 6: Colour Chameleon in Smokey Emerald

    Making sure your pencil is sharpened, use the Colour Chameleon in Smokey Emerald to create a thick feline flick, in a gorgeous green shade.

  7. mini miracle eye wand

    Step 7: Mini Miracle Eye Wand

    Highlight under your eyebrows with the Mini Miracle Eye Wand to lift your eyebrows.

  8. the rebel luxury palette

    Step 8: Luxury Palette in The Rebel

    Using your ring finger, sweep the Pop shade of the Luxury Palette in The Rebel all over your lid for an intense emerald colour.

    Using the Smudger Brush mix the Enahnce and Smoke shade and sweep along the lower lash line.

  9. The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette

    Step 9: Luxury Palette in The Vintage Vamp

    Finish your eyeshadow by adding the Pop shade of The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette to your eyelids for a golden finish.

  10. full fat lashes mascara Charlotte tilbury

    Step 10: Full Fat Lashes

    Add lashings of mascara with the Full Fat Lashes mascara for a fabulous party look!

  11. hollywood contour duo

    Step 11: The Hollywood Contour Duo

    For a red carpet ready complexion, use the Hollywood Contour Wand to sculpt out killer cheekbones, and the Beauty Light Wand to add a spotlight effect to your skin.

  12. hollywood lips in best actress

    Step 12: Hollywood Lips in Best Actress

    Add a nude lip to contrast your eye makeup with the Hollywood Lips matte liquid lipstick in Best Actress.

  13. cheek to chic first love

    Step 13: Cheek to Chic in First Love

    Finish your makeup with a swirl of Cheek to Chic blush in First Love for a tawny glow.