Magic eyebrow makeup duo featuring my cream-wax refillable eyebrow pencil and refill to fill, add shape and structure to your brows! This is a medium brown shade with warm neutral undertones for medium to dark brown brows.

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Product Information

Darlings, unlock the secret to SUPERMODEL BROWS FOREVER with my NEW! Brow Lift™ Kit!

No one wants to run out of eyebrow pencil mid brow! My Brow Lift Kit is the secret to having your best brows FOREVER; running out of product will never be a problem again!

This magical brow duo features my NEW! REFORMULATED, REFILLABLE Brow Lift™ expert eyebrow pencil and a NEW! Brow Lift™ Refill in the matching shade, so you can shape, feather and fill in your brows and refill the MAGIC for a SUPERMODEL BROWFORMATION!

This makeup kit includes:

Brow Lift™ in Medium Brown: my innovative brow perfecting tool in a shade with warm neutral undertones that is perfect for shaping, feathering and filling in medium to dark brown brows. I call this my BROW SWORD that mimics a full, fluffy hair effect! This EASY-TO-USE eyebrow pencil has an expert angled tip which means you are INSTANTLY stroking at the right angle!

Brow Lift™ Refill in Medium Brown: an easy-to-use eyebrow pencil refill in the same magical shade! Simply TWIST & CLICK this MAGIC REFILL into your brow tool to replace and continue to shape, feather and fill in your brows!


My signature Supermodel Brow is FULL, FLUFFY, FEATHERED and FIXED. It's a MODERN, FLATTERING BROW SHAPE that stays in place ALL DAY and will SUIT EVERYONE! Whether you have sparse, thick, faded or thin brows, I have bottled the beauty secrets to SUPERMODEL BROWS and your ultimate BROWFORMATION at home with my EASY-TO-USE products! FILL, FEATHER, FIX & LIFT your BROWS to LIFT & ENHANCE the look of your FACIAL STRUCTURE in minutes!

Use this innovative brow perfecting tool as STEP 1, FILL of my 3-step system for creating THE SUPERMODEL BROW; It's as easy as FILL, FEATHER, FIX!

Fill: 2 x 0.2g


What makes it magic?

  • Over 92% AGREE Brow Lift™ adds SHAPE & DEFINITION, and creates INSTANTLY FULLER-LOOKING brows*!
  • Brow Lift™ has a magical SMUDGE-PROOF, HUMIDITY-PROOF & SWEAT-RESISTANT formula with 16-HOUR WEAR**!
  • Rich in Emollients – allowing for smooth application, enabling easy creation of definition and shape.
  • Carnauba Wax – acting as an emollient, allowing slip and a smooth application.
  • Vitamin E – to condition.
  • Pure Pigments – a high concentration of pigments to create natural-looking colour with depth.

*Tested on 105 people

**Tested on 30 people

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Brow Lift 2

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Hair Colour and Brow Product shades to match to

Hair Colour and Brow Product shades to match to

3 Step Brow Routine including Brow Cheat, Brow Lift, Legendary Brows and Brow Fix

Supermodel brows 3 step routine Medium


Whether you have faded, sparse, thin, thick or full brows, I have bottled the SECRETS to SUPERMODEL BROWS in magical, flattering shades to suit EVERY type of brow and EVERY hair colour!

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