How to Remove Makeup

Discover how to remove makeup using Charlotte’s hydrating makeup removers and cleansers.

Darlings, when it’s time to remove your magical makeup, make sure you use a supercharged, nourishing makeup remover and a research-powered, rejuvenating cleanser to get your skin perfectly clean and ready for the rest of your routine! Learn how to remove your makeup like a pro using Charlotte’s Take it All Off makeup remover and rejuvinating, purifying cleansing duo with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

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Step 1: Choose the Right Makeup Remover!

Charlotte’s Take it All Off Makeup Remover got a makeover, and its NEW! hydrating formula removes even the most stubborn pigments—every flick of eyeliner, every sparkle of eyeshadow, and every trace of lipstick!

Perfect for everyone and every skin type - even contact-lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes* - this biphase makeup remover for eyes, lashes, and lips gently removes waterproof, long-wear makeup while comforting skin and infusing it with much-needed hydration. No more pulling on your delicate skin, tugging on lashes, or excessive rubbing! Super-soothing Chamomile conditions lashes and lips, while Eyebright refreshes the digitally fatigued eye area. The secret is dissolving the makeup first so you can easily wipe it away!

This two-toned elixir is a makeup remover and skincare essential in one! In user trials of 100 people, 94% agreed skin FELT HYDRATED**, 97% agreed their eye area and lips were PERFECTLY CLEANSED**, 94% agreed the product gently removed EVERY TRACE OF MAKEUP**, and 90% agreed their eye area LOOKED BRIGHT and HEALTHY**!

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Step 2: Use Makeup Remover to Remove Your Makeup with Charlotte’s Shake, Soak & Wipe Method!

Charlotte’s Take It All Off Eye Makeup Remover effortlessly removes the hardest-to-shift makeup in one swipe, while also caring and replenishing makeup-wearied eyes. It’s simple! Just Shake, Soak, and Swipe!

  • Shake Shake the closed bottle to activate the supercharged ingredients and mix the bi-phase formula together!
  • Soak Dispense the makeup remover into a cotton pad and place it onto closed eyes and lips. Hold and soak for a few seconds to let the remover do its magic! It will break down stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, crème eyeshadow, and lip liner!
  • Swipe After soaking, gently swipe outwards using the same cotton pad, then gaze at your fresh-faced reflection!

Step 3: Cleanse Your Skin

Don’t forget to remove your foundation, powder, blush, and highlighter! After using Take It All Off for your eyes and lips, double-cleanse to ensure you remove your complexion makeup, accumulated debris, surface oils, and other pore-clogging particulates.

To double cleanse your skin, use Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual, a hydrating, deep-cleansing, supercharged dual cleanser for a radiant-looking, spa-cleansed complexion! It’s her spa-in-a-jar skincare essential!

Remove Foundation with an Oil-Based Citrus Cleanser: The first step in this double-cleanse, Citrus Oil Radiance Cleanse, is infused with Watermelon, Sunflower, Lemon Peel, and Carrot Seed Oils to latch onto dirt and seamlessly wash it away! Massage it onto your dry face and around the eye area gently. Immerse a muslin cloth in warm water and apply to the face to melt off your makeup. For a magic steam-clean, press warm the muslin cloth onto the face for 20 seconds to open your pores!

Get Deep with a Purifying Charcoal Cleanser: The second step is the Purifying Charcoal Cleanse, which is supercharged with clarifying Charcoal Powder and balancing Niacinamide. Massage onto your wet face until it turns white, avoiding the eye area. Wet the muslin cloth in warm water and wash off for fresh feeling, spa-cleansed skin!


Now that your makeup is removed and your complexion is fresh, follow with Charlotte’s other essential skincare secrets; Glow Toner to refine and resurface skin, Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir to drench your skin with high-performance ingredients, and your magic moisturiser; Magic Night Cream at night, beauty sleep in a cream elixir to wake up with MAGIC SKIN, or Charlotte's Magic Cream in the morning for a glowing, hydrated canvas for makeup!

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*Tested on 30 people over 8 days. **100 people tested over 8 days.

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