Multichrome Eyeshadow Tutorial

Discover the magic of multichrome eyeshadow and learn how to create a kaleidoscopic, colour-shifting eye makeup look.

Darlings, multichrome eyeshadows instantly become the STARS of any eye look! I’ve always been inspired by the ways that different shades can capture the light, and the beauty of multichrome eyeshadows is that they allow your eyes to sparkle with various eye-catching colours all at once!

Discover my essentials for multichrome eyeshadow looks, Hypnotising Pop Shots, and learn how to create quick and easy duochrome and multichrome makeup magic!

Multichrome Eyeshadow still life

What is Multichrome Eyeshadow?

Multichrome eyeshadows are complex shades that shift between multiple colours depending on how the light catches them. These sparkling shades are made to be seen, bringing a playful, colour-shifting ability to any eye look.

The pigments in multichrome eyeshadows interact with the light and toy with colour to create a hypnotic, kaleidoscopic effect. Colours flex and morph on the lids with the blink of an eye or turn of the head, giving your eye makeup that chameleon-like shift that mesmerises the world!

These stratospheric shades are a show-stopping finishing touch for your eye makeup, transforming the look of your eyes with dazzling shine that FLIPS and FLASHES in multiple prismatic colours.

Pillow Talk Diamonds close up

The Multichromatic Eyeshadows you Need: NEW! Hypnotising Pop Shots

Darlings, I’ve created 2 SHOW-STOPPING SHADES of my Hypnotising Pop Shots to gift EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE the magical, eye-enhancing powers of duochrome and multichrome eyeshadow! Inspired by my Pillow Talk dreamscape, these NEW! shades are perfect for lighting up the look of the eyes and giving them CAPTIVATING, COLOUR-SHIFTING IMPACT!

Discover my Pillow Talk Party Shades

Pillow Talk Diamonds – Diamond Dimension: My rose-gold multichrome eyeshadow with kaleidoscopic pearls for a colour-morphing, crystalline effect.

Pillow Talk Ultra-Violet – Multi-Dimension: My violet duochrome eyeshadow infused with duochrome pearls for a magnetising, multi-dimensional finish.

Hypnotising Pop Shots Pillow Talk Diamonds packshot for blog

Multichrome Eyeshadow Tutorial: How To Apply Multichrome Eyeshadow

  1. Pillow Talk Luxury Palette with 4 rosy-pink eyeshadow shades to prime, enhance, smoke and pop

    STEP 1: Everyday Eyeshadow

    Reach for one of my Luxury Palettes to create an everyday eyeshadow look that sets the stage for your multichrome eyeshadow of choice. Each of my eyeshadow quads are gorgeous, but the rosy hues in Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk Dreams Luxury Palettes complement my NEW! Hypnotising Pop Shot shades perfectly!

    To apply, take The Essential Eye Tools kit and follow my easy PRIME, SMOKE, ENHANCE and POP eyeshadow method. Using the silky-soft shades in your Luxury Palette to define the crease, accentuate the inner corners and give the lids an enchanting wash of colour, you can ready your lids for the perfect pop of multichrome colour!

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    Discover how to apply eyeshadow

  2. Hypnotising Pop Shots in Pillow Talk Diamonds, a multichrome, colour-shifting, rose-gold eyeshadow

    STEP 2: Multichrome Magic

    For a transformative eye look, add multichrome eyeshadow to the lids and WOW with bold, colour-shifting magic! Choose your favourite shade of my Hypnotising Pop Shots and swipe it across the centre of the lid using your finger or my Eye Smudger Brush. With instant colour pay-off and multi-dimensional sparkle, these diamond-inspired eyeshadows dial up any eye look with MULTICHROME MAGIC!

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  3. Charlotte's Eye Blender Brush is a fluffy brush that's perfect for getting a seamless blend

    STEP 3: Blending Tips and Tricks

    To blend out the edges, tap a clean Eye Blender Brush onto the edges of your eyelid, diffusing your multichrome eyeshadow to remove any harsh lines and blending seamlessly into your crease. The goal is to coat your lid in multi-dimensional sparkle, without letting the formula travel into other areas such as around the eyes or onto the sides of the nose. As a finishing touch, sweep your Powder & Sculpt Brush under the eyes to make sure they look smooth and mistake-free.

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  4. Mascara in a pink-coloured tube with its gold-coloured lid with a black applicator next to it.

    Step 4: Complete the Look

    No eye look is complete without lashings and lashings of Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! – my super-black, push up-effect mascara! Use the paddle brush to follow my LOAD, COMB and LIFT lash routine, pushing upwards through your lashes then combing through for a flattering, fanned-out look. Then, wiggle the wand from side to side to give lashes a 24-HOUR VERTICAL LIFT EFFECT*! Apply several coats to enhance the look of your eyes and amplify your magical multichrome eyeshadow look with jet-black, fluttering lashes!

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    *Tested on 31 people.

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