How to Contour Your Nose to Make it Look Smaller

Learn how to contour your nose to make it look smaller with Charlotte's secret tips and the right nose contour products to define your angles and sculpt your face!

What is Contouring

Contouring is a makeup trick to enhance the natural structure of your face. By highlighting the tops of your cheekbones and the bridge of the nose, you’ll create beautiful angles for a natural, but sculpted makeup look. The key to keeping your contour makeup look subtle is to blend!

You can contour to make your nose look smaller by using a nose contour brush and makeup blenders. Follow Charlotte’s step-by-step guide to contour your nose.

Also learn how to contour for beginners to achieve that chiseled supermodel look.

  1. A light beige-coloured foundation in a frosted glass bottle with the CT logo printed on it and a rose gold coloured lid.

    Step 1 - Create a Flawless Base

    Firstly you want to create a flawless base before you start contouring your nose. Apply Charlotte’s Magic Foundation or Light Wonder foundation all over to create a smooth canvas.

  2. A light colour, liquid concealer in light-gold-coloured packaging with its lid next to it.

    Step 2 - Conceal

    Using Charlotte’s Magic Away Concealer, a shade darker than your skin tone, you want to highlight your nose by drawing a line starting at the bridge of your nose, making sure to stop just before you reach the tip. Add a subtle dot at the very tip to give your nose a little upturn.


    Step 3 - Contour

    Next, use the Hollywood Contour Wand, ensuring it is a shade darker than your skin tone. Charlotte has two shades, light to medium and medium to dark. Paint a subtle line on either side of your nose.

  4. A double-sided buffing and contouring brush with very fine bristles and the handle in rose gold and dark crimson colour scheme.

    Step 4 - Blend

    One of the most important steps for contouring your nose is to blend! Blend gently using the Hollywood Complexion Brush to buff out any harsh lines and to soften your contour makeup look.

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