What is BioTech Beauty?

What is biotech beauty? Discover this beauty trend taking the world by storm with low impact ingredients - found in Charlotte's research-powered products!

Darlings, you can’t have a beautiful painting without a perfect canvas! That’s why Charlotte uses research-powered ingredients to create the perfect melding of science and nature in all her supercharged skin care!

Biotech beauty is an encompassing term for the fabulous fusion of natural ingredients with lab-made chemicals to conjure synthetic alternatives to our planet’s finite natural resources.

And darlings, if you haven’t experienced what BioTech beauty products can do for you, now is the perfect time to start! Not only can these ingredients be enhanced in ways that improves their effectiveness, but the amount of potential irregularities and impurities can be eliminated.

BioTech products offer the same great results as 100% naturally obtained ingredients, but have a reduced negative impact on the environment. In fact, you may already be enjoying the luminous benefits that come from biosynthetic ingredients and not even realize it! Some of Charlotte’s most popular products already include the winning combination of science and nature.

  1. Close-up of a thick, pearly-white face cream in a glass jar with a golden-coloured lid.

    Charlotte's Magic Cream

    Life is fast-paced and exhausting -- we all need a way to transform the look of tired skin in an instant! Charlotte’s infamous Magic Cream floods skin with moisture to give you that perfectly plumped-up luminous-looking skin you need to take on the day!

    The key supercharged ingredient in this cream is BioNymph Peptide, derived from plant stem cells grown in the lab, that gives your skin a youthful and healthy look. Hyaluronic acid also helps by sealing in moisture to transform your dry and dull skin into a glowing, dewy, youthful-looking canvas!

  2. An open luminous, ivory-coloured serum in an opened glass bottle with its dropper beside it.

    Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir

    This serum really is magical when it comes to providing the highest level of hydration for your skin. Flood every pore with moisture and give yourself that perfect social media filter complexion -- instantly!

    Charlotte has included a magical matrix of ingredients that gives you a healthy splash of hydration when you need it most. Sepitonic M3 is a stem cell extract of the Snow Lotus, found on the Tibetan mountains. BioTech helps to sustainably create potent ingredients from rare sources without having a negative impact on the environment. Snow Lotus extract helps brighten the complexion and create younger-looking skin.

  3. An open, exfoliating, wash-off, chemical mask in a white-coloured tube with gold-coloured text on it with its white-coloured lid next to it.

    Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial

    Cocoon your skin in pure hydration with Charlotte’s amped up dual-action exfoliator. It’s a fabulous dual-action and non-abrasive product to use once a week as a way to help create a smoother, firmer, and lifted look to your skin.

    Bio Agave Acid, a divine source of lab-created poly hydroxy acids (PHA), helps flood your skin with moisture and flawlessly enhances the radiance of your skin by removing dead skin cells.

  4. A white-coloured eye serum tube with silver-colour geometric patterns on the front and text written on it that reads, 'eye appear depuffed and brighter with Iceawake, caffeine complex' and a white-coloured face mask with tiny holes all over the forehead and cheeks area, and large eye, nose, and mouth holes so the mask can comfortably sit on any face size or shape.

    Cryo Recovery Mask & Cryo Recovery Eye Serum

    Both of these NEW! magical products can help make your assets pop by enhancing tired-looking skin and reducing the puffed-up look of eyes! The incredible bioengineered anti-aging ingredients include both Iceawake® and Replexium®. These active ingredients are made to combine the benefits of acupressure with cryotherapy to give you a truly unique and synergetic experience.

    Iceawake® is derived from microorganisms found in the soil below Swiss glaciers. The microorganisms are grown in the lab in a controlled way to produce ingredients that create radiant and gorgeous-looking skin by reducing wrinkles and giving your skin a beautiful and healthy-looking sheen. Following along is Replexium®, that helps provide hydration and the appearance plumpness. It goes on like butter to leave the delicate skin around your eyes feeling firmer!

  5. An open, light champagne-coloured eye cream in a glass pot with its rose-gold-coloured lid next to it.

    Magic Eye Rescue

    No need to fret over crow’s feet and under-eye bags! Charlotte’s Magic Eye Rescue is an award-winning formula that can give you an instant eye refresh! It helps to tighten the feel of delicate skin around your eyes by reducing the look of puffiness and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    One of the main ingredients contained in this shimmering little jar is Winter Daphne stem cell extract, a bioengineered plant extract that helps to recreate the look of tighter and more youthful skin.

• Iceawake™ is a trademark of Mibelle Biochemistry AG • Replexium™ is a trademark of BASF France SAS


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