Beauty Routine for Brighter-Looking Skin

Join skincare YouTuber Danielle Gray from The Style and Beauty Doctor as she shares her beauty routine for brighter-looking skin using Charlotte’s skincare icons and give your complexion the gorgeous glow you’ve been coveting.

Darlings, this beauty routine for brighter-looking skin uses Charlotte’s glow-getting skincare and makeup products to help your complexion to appear EFFORTLESSLY RADIANT. Discover brightening-effect skincare and makeup secrets in this simple, step-by-step routine and learn how to help your skin to look BRIGHTER and EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL!

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Skincare and Makeup Routine for Brighter-Looking Skin

  1. An open, large, clear bottle filled with luminous, cream-coloured watery toner with its silver-coloured lid next to it.


    Brighter-looking skin starts with the right skincare, and Charlotte’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual is the perfect way to begin your routine. Designed as the ultimate double cleanse, Goddess Cleansing Ritual features a supercharged citrus oil that helps to melt away makeup and a bamboo charcoal cleanser that hydrates the skin as it purifies and refreshes. Together, these gentle cleansers leave the skin looking radiant and ready for your next skincare steps.

    Once your double cleanse has left you feeling fresh-faced, apply Glow Toner – a gentle, acid-free toner for routine exfoliation. Enriched with niacinamide that helps to protect the skin barrier and lock in hydration, this daily glow solution helps to minimise the appearance of pores and leaves the skin looking BRIGHTER and more RADIANT!

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  2. Eye serum in a white-coloured tube with geometric patterns on the front in a reflective, silver colour with a metal applicator.


    For a brighter-looking eye area, use Charlotte’s Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum as a caffeine-powered skincare essential that's like an ENERGISING ALARM CLOCK for your eye area! Gliding the cooling metal tip underneath the eyes is refreshing and rejuvenating, and thanks to ingredients like caffeine and ICEAWAKE™, the serum helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness around the eyes and brightens the look of dark circles. Take a moment to apply Charlotte's energising eye serum for under-eyes that look BRIGHTER and WIDE-AWAKE!

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  3. Thick and luscious pearly-white moisturiser in an open glass jar with its gold-coloured lid placed behind it.


    Hydration is the key to GLOWING, BRIGHTER-LOOKING skin, and Charlotte’s Magic hydrating skincare heroes are the perfect source of skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid to treat your skin to.

    First, apply Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir to your face and neck, letting the intensely hydrating formula quench your skin to appear more youthful with a fresh and radiant glow. Then, apply AWARD-WINNING Charlotte’s Magic Cream, massaging the rich, creamy moisturiser into the skin to leave it looking BRIGHTER and more PLUMP. Just like MAGIC, your skin looks LIT FROM WITHIN!

    Tilbury Tip: After applying your Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, put on Charlotte’s cooling Cryo-Recovery Mask, calling on the powers of cryotherapy to help your skin feel firmer and your face look more lifted.

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    Darlings, don't forget to apply your sunscreen! Charlotte’s Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer is an SPF50 sunscreen that primes your face while helping to shield it from harmful UV rays. Not only does it help prevent discolouration that’s caused by sun damage, it also hydrates your skin while feeling weightless and looking invisible!

    After your sunscreen, apply Brightening Youth Glow as an illuminating primer to dial up your glow! Packed with pearlescent pigments that bounce light off your skin, this second step in the priming portion of your routine for brighter-looking skin helps your skin to appear fresh from the fountain of youth by giving it a boost of pure RADIANCE!

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  5. Banner with a collection of foundation tubes with the packaging the colour of the product inside.


    Since introducing the world to her secrets for Beautiful Skin, Charlotte has helped countless people discover their most BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHTER-LOOKING SKIN! Using a combination of Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Foundation and Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer, you can perfect the look of your complexion with medium-buildable coverage and a finish that’s nothing short of RADIANT! Apply your foundation first as a healthy-looking base, then add extra coverage using your hydrating concealer.

    Tilbury Tip: Charlotte’s Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer can be used 3 WAYSCONCEAL with your perfect match, BRIGHTEN with a shade that’s 2 tones lighter and CONTOUR with a shade that’s 2-3 tones deeper.

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  6. Open, cream bronzer compact in a light-sandy-brown shade with gold-coloured packaging.


    For the cheeks, you’ll want to apply products with a dewy-looking finish to get your PERFECT GLOW! Use Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzer to give the face a RADIANT, FRESH-FROM-THE-BEACH BRONZE, then sweep Airbrush Bronzer across the cheekbones for some added dimension. Then, discover how Danielle uses the multi-purpose Magic Vanish colour-corrector as a cream blush, blending the product into your cheeks to give them a romantic flush that looks gorgeous on her hydrated skin.

    Tilbury Tip: A spritz of Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray will help to lock in your makeup look for longer!

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  7. Stoned-Rose-Lid-Off-2D-Packshot


    Let lips stand out with your signature shade of lipstick! For a lip look that perfectly complements this routine for brighter-looking skin, choose Matte Revolution lipstick in shade So 90s to define the lips and then dab KISSING lipstick in shade Stoned Rose in the centre to add dimension to your PERFECT POUT.

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Darlings, the secrets to brighter-looking skin are now yours! This simple routine is perfect as an everyday makeup look, helping skin to look its most RADIANT thanks to the powers of HYDRATING, INGREDIENT-PACKED SKINCARE and MAGICAL MAKEUP!

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