How To Store Makeup Brushes

Discover how to correctly store your makeup brushes to make them last for longer and avoid the risk of dirt and bacteria spreading in this helpful guide.

Storing your makeup brushes correctly might seem like a no-brainer task but darlings, there’s so much more to it than that! For a magic makeup application every time, having the right brushes and storing them correctly is essential.

If your makeup brushes aren’t stored correctly, it can increase the chances of the bristles becoming damp and dirty, which can lead to the spreading of bacteria and a whole host of skin concerns. Read on to find out how to correctly store your makeup brushes and the many benefits of doing so.

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Why is it important to store makeup brushes correctly?

Correctly storing your makeup brushes is just as important as the application itself, darling! Your brushes and tools do an important job in creating your FLAWLESS BEAUTY look so it’s essential that they’re taken good care of.

Here are some MAGICAL reasons why it’s crucial to store your makeup brushes correctly…

● It prevents breakouts and blemishes! When your makeup brushes are exposed to or left on everyday surfaces, they’ll pick up dirt, moisture and bacteria. This can lead to breakouts, blemishes, acne and skin irritation. No thank you, darling!

● They’ll last for longer! When you take good care of your brushes, their bristles will stay soft and clean and your MAGIC beauty tools will last for longer!

● It prevents clutter! When your makeup brushes are stored away correctly, it helps to create an organised and clutter-free space.

Tilbury Tip: Before you begin to organise and store away your makeup brushes, make sure they’re clean first! Charlotte’s guide to how to clean makeup brushes tells you everything you need to know about how to correctly clean your makeup brushes.

How to store makeup brushes correctly

When it comes to storing your makeup brushes correctly, the best way to do so is to store them upright in a container or inside a drawer. Generally, it’s not a good idea to store your makeup brushes loosely in a makeup bag as it can spread bacteria and germs and cause damage to them. Fortunately, darling, there are many ways around this. Read on to find out how you can store your makeup brushes…

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How to store makeup brushes upright

When your makeup brushes are stored upright, the bristles on the brush will be better protected and will be less likely to bend or warp. The only downside to this type of storage is that if certain makeup brushes aren’t getting used every day, they can easily pick up dirt and dust. To avoid this, it’s important to make sure you clean your brushes regularly.

Makeup brushes can be stored upright in specific makeup containers but they can also be stored in reused coffee mugs, upcycled jars and vases or the glass from old candles once they’ve burned away.

Tilbury Tip: Concerned about dust and dirt but don’t have the time to regularly clean your brushes? Opt for makeup brush containers with lids to keep your brushes dirt and dust-free. It’s also a good idea to always store your makeup out of sunlight to avoid fading, melting and general sun damage!

How to store makeup brushes in drawer compartments

Storing your makeup brushes inside a drawer insert compartment is another way to keep your makeup brushes in tip-top condition. While it may be harder on the bristles, it’ll keep them out of sight for a clutter-free space and they’ll be less likely to gather dust.

For easy navigation, clear drawers are an easier option than wooden drawers for makeup brush storage. When you can see the contents from the outside, organisation becomes much easier. Simply invest in a makeup drawer organiser or refashion an old kitchen cutlery tray (one that’s clean of course) to store your makeup brushes and essentials. Putting your go-to products and brushes in a top drawer is best for easy access.

How to store makeup brushes in a makeup bag

Storing your makeup brushes loosely in a makeup bag is a big no-no, darling! Not only will it mean rummaging around every time you need to find your brush, but your makeup bag is also a breeding ground for bacteria, which will transfer to your face whenever you use your brush. Plus, makeup bags can cause your brushes to become damaged.

Travelling with Makeup Brushes

But if you’re travelling and need to reapply your makeup on the go, there are many ways you can store your makeup brushes in your makeup bag that are both organised and hygienic.

Here are Charlotte’s top tips for storing your makeup brushes in a makeup bag…

MAGIC TIP 1: Invest in a brush roll

Brush rolls with individual slots for each brush are a great storage solution, separating the brushes from the rest of your makeup and keeping their bristles clean and in place.

MAGIC TIP 2: Use a plastic bag

If you’re on the go and need to stash your brushes in your makeup bag pronto, keep them in a separate pouch or. This will minimise the risk of dirt and bacteria transferring between different products.

MAGIC TIP 3: Practice good makeup bag hygiene

If you’ll regularly be using your makeup bag to store and carry brushes, make sure it’s as clean as possible. Aim to give your makeup bag a deep clean once a month, dislodging any debris and using a cotton wool pad soaked in Charlotte’s Take It All Off makeup remover to wipe away any smudges and stains.

Now that you know how to store your makeup brushes correctly, they’ll last for longer and will be less likely to spread dirt and bacteria to your face, keeping your FLAWLESS complexion in place!

Darlings, don’t forget to keep your makeup brushes clean so that your MAGIC beauty tools stay in tip-top shape for longer!

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