How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup to Shape & Perfect Unshapely Brows

Shape, sculpt, and perfect your beautiful brows with Charlotte’s eyebrow makeup tutorial for unshapely brows.

Get the Supermodel Brow Look for Unshapely Brows

For unshapely brows, Charlotte’s Supermodel Brow secrets make it EASY to add shape and definition that’s flattering and natural looking! Unlock the secrets to creating full, fluffy, and feathered supermodel brows for your ultimate browformation with the Supermodel Brow Compass and Charlotte’s expert brow products!

Supermodel Brow Compass

If your brows are lacking shape, using a technique called brow mapping is a must-do first step! The Supermodel Brow Compass can be used to map out the best brow shape to flatter your face shape and features in three quick and easy steps!

  1. 4x3 brow start


    Using your Brow Lift or Brow Cheat pencil as your ruler, rest your pencil on your nostril, not the outer edge of the nose. This is where your brow begins; Charlotte recommends drawing a small line as a marker here.

  2. 4x3 lifting arch


    Then, angle the pencil across the eye and through the pupil, this is where your arch starts. Lightly mark this point with your pencil.

  3. 4x3 extend your brow


    Finally, angle the pencil across to the end of your eye, and mark where your brow ends.

Finding the start, arch, and end of your brow lifts and opens up the look of your eyes and enhances the look of your facial framework! Now you know where to shape and fill in your beautiful brows and it’s time to FILL, FEATHER & FIX!

How To Add Shape & Definition to Your Brows

Once you map out your perfect brow shape with the Supermodel Brow Compass, use Charlotte’s Supermodel Brow 3-step system to inspire a gorgeous browformation! It’s as easy as fill, feather, fix!

  1. Brow lift eyebrow pencil in shade dark brown to define the brows

    STEP 1: FILL

    Use Brow Lift to fill in your unshapely brows exactly where you want and shape your brows into supermodel brows instantly! This is Charlotte’s BROW SWORD with an expertly angled tip, which makes it easy to stroke at the right angle and create hairlike strokes! Brow Lift has been reimagined with a new formula, new pack, and new shades to suit every hair colour! The long-lasting, waterproof formula glides on natural-looking color and depth for your best brows ever!

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  2. legendary brows tinted brow gel packshot in the shade soft brown


    Add texture, tint, and fullness by feathering with Legendary Brows. The builable formula is applied with a micro-precision brush that helps to mimic your natural brow hairs, coating each one and adding a fluffy, feathered effect!

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  3. brow fix clear brow gel packshot

    STEP 3: FIX

    Set your newly flawlessly-shaped brows in place all day and night with Brow Fix! This expert clear brow gel provides a long-lasting hold with an invisible finish. Never stiff or sticky, brows are full, feathered, and fixed in place!

    Tilbury Tip: Brush up hairs starting from the front of the brow and work your way outwards towards the tail for flawlessly feathered brows!

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Unlock the power of the brow! You can book a virtual consultation with one of Charlotte’s beauty experts to shape and perfect your supermodel brows at home today!