Eyebrow pencil is a step not to be missed in your makeup routine, as gorgeously defined eyebrows can magically enhance your makeup look and beautifully frame your eyes! Discover how to apply eyebrow pencil like a pro with Charlotte’s step-by-step tutorial and easy to choose, easy to use brow makeup icons…


The key to gorgeous-looking eyebrows is choosing the perfect eyebrow pencil. Discover Brow Lift, Charlotte’s magical eyebrow pencil that helps to shape, lift and shade the look of your brows for the perfect arch.

Brow Lift Supermodel

Brow Lift Supermodel

The brush end grooms brows and eliminates excess colour, the highlighter in the middle of the pencil works to give your brows the illusion of an instant lift under the brow bone, and the triangular-shaped brow pencil glides on effortlessly, defining and shading the look of your eyebrows. This must-have pencil is available in 5 shades, explore them below and find your perfect colour…

Fair Brow: The fairest shade of the Brow Lift, Fair Brow is perfect for blonde, light brown and red hair.

Star Brow: The perfect eyebrow pencil for blondes!

Luscious Brow: A medium brown shade which works perfectly for brunettes.

Supermodel: For those with medium to dark brown hair, Supermodel is a super flattering shade.

Perfect Brow: The deepest shade of Brow Lift, Perfect Brow is great for those with dark brown or black hair.


Step 1: To begin, start by brushing the hairs of your eyebrows upwards with a brush end of your Brow Lift. Doing this will help you to see your brow’s natural shape.

Step 2: Use the pointed end of the brow pencil to fill in the eyebrow line using short, regular strokes to mimic natural hairs. Or for a softer, filled-in effect, use the flat side of the pencil along your eyebrows, filling in any gaps for a defined, full look.

Step 3: Lift the brow by applying the highlighter under the eyebrow arch to enhance your arch.

Step 4: Comb through the brows with an eyebrow brush to groom and remove any excess product.

Step 5: Finally, set your eyebrows in place using a clear or tinted eyebrow gel. Charlotte’s Legendary Brows eyebrow gel does the trick perfectly!