Tilbury Tricks: 3 Ways To Wear Lipstick, Featuring Walk Of Shame

Darlings, I’m so excited to welcome you to my brand NEW! YouTube Series, Tilbury Tricks! Every week, my magic team and I will share my ultimate celebrity and supermodel beauty tips that I’ve used throughout my 25 year career. Watch my first video of the series to learn the multiple ways you can use my award-winning lipstick #WALKOFSHAME

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Application Tips

Prep The Lips
Smooth the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet over the lips for a plump, hydrated pout.

Hack 1: The Lip Stain
Lightly dab Walk of Shame onto the lips and blend in with your fingers. Finish by dotting the lipstick over the lips for an effortless pop of colour.
Hack 2: The Blush
Pat the lipstick gently over the cheekbones and blend with your fingers for a natural flush of colour.
Hack 3: The Full Lip
Outline the lips using the Crazy In Love Lip Cheat Lip Liner and apply the lipstick straight from the bullet. For a flawless finish, blend with the Lip Brush and re-trace the Cupid’s bow with lip liner. Shop Charlotte’s Lipstick Brush.