Cómo hacer el contorno en cada tipo de rostro

Descubre cómo contornear los rostros ovalados, redondos, cuadrados, en forma de corazón y de diamante con mis Hollywood Contour Wands mundialmente famosas.

Darling, el contorneado es un truco de belleza mágico para definir el aspecto de tus rasgos faciales, que consiste en utilizar el maquillaje para imitar el aspecto de las sombras en el rostro y crear una estructura facial de aspecto más ESCULPIDO, ESTRUCTURADO y DEFINIDO.

Las diferentes formas de contornear dependen de los diferentes tipos de rostro, darling. Descubre tu tipo de rostro y las técnicas de contorneado más adecuadas para este.

cómo contornear tu tipo de rostro

Descubre cómo contornear tu tipo de rostro

  1. Oval face chart with the perfect contour placement of contour for oval face

    Contour for Oval Face

    When applying contour for oval face shapes, it's important to remember that an oval face is slightly longer than it is wide and has softer, more rounded features. When contouring an oval face, the goal is to slightly shorten the look of your face while sculpting the look of the cheeks and jawline.

    To contour an oval face, place your product on either side of the forehead for a shading effect that helps it to look smaller and shorter. Then, take your contour deeper into the cheekbones as this will help the face to look wider and more sculpted. Finally, apply to the outer jawline for a chiselling effect.

    Using the Hollywood Contour Wand, apply contour to the temples and blend upwards and outwards towards the hairline. Then, swipe onto the hollows of the cheeks, being sure not to take your product too high to avoid elongating the face. Finally, complete your contour for oval face by applying contour to the outer-most parts of the jawline and blend downwards to create a more sculpted-looking jaw.

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  2. Square face chart with the perfect contour placement for a square face

    How To Contour Square Face

    Square faces are naturally the most structured-looking face shapes, with notable features such as strong jawlines and prominent cheekbones. Instead of sculpting the look of a square face, contour is used to soften the look of squared-off features, creating a smoothing effect that makes them appear less angular.

    Contour for a square face should primarily focus on the forehead and jawline. Gliding product across the perimeter of the face helps to create a more rounded shape, softening the look of the corners of the face which are often more prominent and pointed on a square face.

    Swipe the Hollywood Contour Wand in diagonal motions on all four corners of the face including the temples and the squarest points of the jawline, then use the Hollywood Complexion Brush to blend out in soft, circular motions to help round off the look of square facial features. Then, apply a small amount of product in a C shape from the top of the ear and around the cheekbone – this will help the cheeks to look rounder.

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  3. Round face chart with the perfect contour placement for a round face

    How To Contour Round Face

    Round faces are instantly recognisable for their softer cheekbones and rounded jawlines. Having a round face naturally leads to a softer, less sculpted look, but with strategically placed contour, you can create the illusion of a more chiselled-looking framework.

    When applying contour to a round face, you are trying to add structure to the look of soft, curvaceous features. Bringing contour deeper into the cheeks helps to create the illusion of more sculpted cheekbones and gliding from the ear to the chin helps the jawline to appear steeper and more defined.

    With your shade of Hollywood Contour Wand, apply your contour along the cheekbones in an angular motion, from the top of the ear towards the apples of the cheeks, then from the outside of the jaw towards the chin. Blend out with the Hollywood Complexion Brush, blurring any harsh lines while being careful to focus your product in the areas that you want to contour.

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  4. Heart-shaped face chart with the perfect contour placement for a heart-shaped face

    How To Contour Heart Shaped Face

    A heart-shaped face is reminiscent of a love heart, with a larger forehead and a chin that comes to a point. When contouring a heart-shaped face, focus on accentuating the cheeks and shading the forehead to make it look more sculpted.

    To contour, use the Hollywood Contour Wand to follow the hollow of the cheek, swiping from the top of the ear along the cheekbone and blending out using the larger end of the Hollywood Complexion Brush for a more chiselled look. Then, apply to the temples and blend upwards and outwards in sweeping motions towards the hairline. Finally, apply a small amount of contour to the jaw, focusing product either side of the chin for a softening effect.

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  5. Diamond face chart with the perfect contour placement for a diamond-shaped face

    How To Contour Diamond Face

    Longer faces with a pointed chin, prominent cheekbones and a larger forehead are known as diamond-shaped faces. To contour a diamond shaped face, it’s best to focus product on the forehead and cheekbones to create the illusion of a shorter forehead and narrower face.

    When thinking about contour placement for a diamond-shaped face, nestle your product into the temples and the pocket of the cheek to help soften the look of the most angular points of the face. By placing your contour on the forehead and cheeks, features appear more rounded.

    With the Hollywood Contour Wand, swipe your contour onto the temples and blend upwards towards the hairline to help soften the look of the forehead. Then, apply contour from the tops of the ears along the cheekbones to sculpt the look of your face and accentuate the cheeks.

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