Introducing NEW! Liquid Highlighter-Blushers For Glowing Pillow Talk Magic

Discover Charlotte's Pillow Talk liquid blushers for glowing cheeks in the iconic nude-pink shade. Explore the shades and learn how to apply.

NEW! Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blushers in Pillow Talk and Pillow Talk Medium!

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blusher in Pillow Talk

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blusher in Pillow Talk Medium

Charlotte’s Beauty Light Wands gorgeously play with the light, bathing your complexion in a beautiful soft-focussed glow. Already available in Goldgasm, a golden highlighter, Peachgasm, a peach shade and Pinkgasm, a gorgeous glowing pink hue, these super blendable, easy-to-use liquid highlighters and high-blushers are makeup must-haves, giving a radiant, dewy looking finish to any look.

These 2 NEW! shades of Charlotte’s iconic Beauty Light Wand are inspired by the dreamy world of Pillow Talk, for magical, glowing, cheeks in an instant. Discover the DREAMY new shades and what makes them magic…

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blush in Pillow Talk

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blush in Pillow Talk Light Image

Inspired by the ICONIC, universally-flattering, nude-pink hue that’s on EVERYONE’S eyes, lips and cheeks, Charlotte’s NEW! Beauty Light Wand liquid high-blusher in Pillow Talk is a dreamy, luminous nude-pink shade that gives you the most magical Pillow Talk glow, ever.

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blush in Pillow Talk Medium

Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter-blush in Pillow Talk Medium Swatch

A NEW! shade to Charlotte’s magical world of makeup, Pillow Talk Medium is a deeper, sweeter hue of the globally-adored nude-pink hue. A warm nude-pink peach, this shade looks extra dreamy on medium and dark skin tones, creating a high-gloss, peachy pink GLOW; it’s Pillow Talk, dialled up!

Glow-Giving Ingredients

Lustrous polymers

Enhances the look of skin luminosity, giving a high gloss, highlighting effect with a silky smooth, non-greasy texture

Fast-Drying Film Former

Combined with the lustrous polymer, this gives a soft finish to the skin

Sensorial Oil

A remarkably light, superior feeling, non-oily emollient that imparts a silky soft feel and shine

Velvety Silica

A rich velvety texture with soft focus

Brightening pigments

These provide magical coverage, and a soft feel, providing translucent and radiant-looking skin

Lindera extract

Works like a booster and potentiates the effects of light – to give the complexion a gorgeous glow

How To Apply Charlotte’s NEW! Liquid Highlighter-Blushers

Achieving a dreamy Pillow Talk glow has never been easier! Follow the steps below to discover how to apply the Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk or Pillow Talk Medium…

Pillow Talk Image

  1. A liquid highlighter-blusher wand in shiny, nude-pink packaging with a rose-gold-coloured lid.

    Step 1

    Squeeze the Beauty Light Wand to release the magical, glossy formula from the Magic Cushion Applicator.

  2. Swatch of a liquid highlighter-blush in a nude pink shade.

    Step 2

    Apply your liquid high-blusher to the apples of the cheeks.

  3. A double-sided buffing and contouring brush with very fine bristles and the handle in rose gold and dark crimson colour scheme.

    Step 3

    Blend with your fingertips or Charlotte’s Hollywood Complexion Brush for a dreamy, glowing finish in a flash.

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