Men’s Grooming: Skincare for Men

Men's grooming is essential for a youthful, healthy-looking complexion. Discover these skincare for men essentials for your wash bag.

Men’s grooming is rising in popularity, and why shouldn’t guys enjoy a skincare routine that keeps their skin refreshed and glowing? Men’s grooming is important to keep your complexion feeling hydrated all year round.

Goddess Cleansing Ritual

Every good skincare routine starts with a purifying cleanser. The Goddess Cleansing Ritual cleansing duo comes with an oil-based cleanser and a purifying bamboo charcoal cleanser to help nourish your complexion.

  1. citrus oil cleanser

    Step 1: Citrus Oil Cleanser

    Massage citrus oil cleanser onto the face and around the eye area gently. Immerse the muslin cloth in warm water and apply to the face. For a magic steam-clean, press warm the muslin cloth onto the face for 20 seconds to open your pores.

  2. charcoal cleanser

    Step 2: Charcoal Cleanser

    Massage the charcoal cleanser into wet face until it turns white, avoiding eye area. Wet the muslin cloth in warm water and wash off.

    Discover the benefits of a charcoal cleanser

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser is the award-winning day cream to hydrate and intensely moisturise your skin. Using a rich moisturiser will help to add back those essential oils to your skin that dry out during cold weather.

  1. magic cream

    Step 1: Nose & Cheeks

    Use the Magic Skin Massage to apply Charlotte’s Magic Cream for best results. Start by using your middle and ring fingers to apply the moisturiser upwards and outwards, from the bridge of your nose and across your cheeks in an angel wings motion.

  2. Magic Cream - forehead

    Step 2: Forehead

    Use your same fingers to work the product from the centre of the forehead outwards in circular motions to target furrows in your skin.

  3. Magic Cream - pinch along jawline

    Step 3: Jawline

    Use your thumbs and index fingers to pinch along the jawline from the chin outwards to create definition.

  4. Magic Cream - knuckle massage

    Step 4: Cheekbones

    Bend your index finger and use your knuckles to massage the cheekbones from beneath to help create more definition.

  5. Magic Cream - Tilbury tap

    Step 5: The 'Tilbury Tap'

    Finish with the ‘Tilbury Tap’, a pitter-patter of the fingertips across the entire face to stimulate blood circulation.

Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask

Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask is a gradual tanner that will add a sun-kissed radiance to your skin. This gradual tanner is perfect if you want to add a little colour to your complexion, simply build up over 3 nights.

  1. Overnight bronze and glow swatch

    Step 1: Apply a thin layer

    To use, start by applying a thin layer of the Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask onto your cleansed face, blending into the neck, hairline and décolletage.

  2. overnight bronze & glow

    Step 2: Build your dream glow

    Build your dream glow over 3 nights, depending on how intense you want your tan to be. Always wash your hands after use.

Unisex Healthy Glow

For the finishing touches, discover the Unisex Healthy Glow tinted moisturiser. This will help to even out your complexion and offer a light tan effect for photo-ready skin.

  1. healthy glow swatch

    Apply to face & neck

    Apply Healthy Glow to your face and neck, blending out for a natural, healthy glow.

  2. unisex healthy glow

    Top Tip

    Wear either on its own, or under your foundation for flawless dewy skin.