The ONLY Hydrating Lip Oil You Need In Your Makeup Bag

Discover Charlotte's NEW! hydrating lip oil for luscious, plumper-looking lips and why you NEED it in your makeup bag!



From Charlotte’s award-winning skincare collection, comes a NEW! MAGIC LIP OIL CRYSTAL ELIXIR – a crystal-infused, super-hydrating lip care SECRET for LUSCIOUS, PLUMPER-looking lips. Nourishing and caring, this supercharged, SCIENCE-POWERED formula is enriched with POTENT PLANT ADAPTOGEN EXTRACTS and Hyaluronic Acid to HYDRATE, SMOOTH and ENHANCE the look of your lips while you wear!

BOOSTS lip VOLUME by up to 70% in 28 days!*

I have infused my NEW! LIP MIRACLE with SUPERCHARGED ingredients from the world’s leading laboratories to give you a supercharged formula for THE BEST-LOOKING LIPS! This glossy, hydrating SERUM-IN-OIL gives you the look of A LIP FILTER. GET READY TO ROLL ON PURE MAGIC! It’s like INSTANT CONDITIONING CARE for your lips!” - Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte’s NEW! Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir drenches your lips in HYDRATION with a translucent, dream-gloss filter effect that makes them APPEAR PLUMPER, DEFINED and SMOOTHER-LOOKING, and fine lines around the lips appear minimised.

This is SCIENCE-POWERED lip care with CLINICALLY PROVEN results!

What Makes Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Elixir Magic?

  • A supercharged lip oil enriched with a magic blend of crystals and potent plant adaptogen extracts for the most LUSCIOUS looking lips
  • Unique SERUM-IN-OIL texture
  • High-performance supercharged ingredients
  • LIP CONDITIONER by day; LIP MASK by night!
  • 24-hour lip care for EVERYONE!
  • Helps to hydrate and smooth the look of lips
  • Nourishing and caring, this lip oil melts into the lips, improving the appearance of the lip texture
  • A soft veil of nourishment with a glossy finish

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“I am obsessed with lip balms and for me, MAGIC LIP OIL has given a new meaning to lip care. You can keep re-applying. It’s intensely hydrating without drying over time.”– Georgia Louise Vassanelli, Globally-Renowned Aesthetician and Founder of the GEORGIA LOUISE Brand of Skincare and Skincare Technology

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Discover The Clinically-Proven Results Of This Hydrating Lip Oil…

  • BOOSTS lip VOLUME by up to 70% in 28 days*
  • MOISTURISES for up to 24 HOURS†
  • BOOSTS HYDRATION by up to 157% in 1 hour!†
  • Visibly REDUCES the appearance of LIP LINES by up to 20%*


  • Instantly HYDRATES
  • Lips appear DEFINED
  • REDUCES appearance of FINE LINES
  • Feels LIGHT, NON-STICKY & NON-GREASY on the lips
  • Leaves lips feeling KISSABLY SOFT, smooth & conditioned

Discover the Ingredients in Charlotte’s NEW! Lip Oil…


HYALURONIC ACID: This skin-loving humectant keeps lips hydrated for up to 24 hours†!

ORGANIC ALOE VERA: Rich in anti-oxidants, enzymes and Vitamins A and C, Aloe Vera is a powerful key ingredient for lip-conditioning comfort.

PLANT ADAPTOGEN EXTRACTS: Adaptogens are one of the most resilient forms of nature and they give skin moisture-retaining powers! Resilient First Light Snow Lotus and Resurrection Leaf help the skin to appear radiant, and Alpine Rose Extract helps the lips feel smooth and hydrated.

AYURVEDIC SWERTIAN LEAF: An ultra-high-tech ingredient with a biomimetic action to enhance lip for smoother-looking lips

SQISANDRYL®: A supercharged superfruit extract to add vitality to the skin

4x3 aloe vera

4x3 camellia oil


SUNFLOWER SEED OIL: Rich in Linoleic and Oleic Acid and moisturising properties

CAMELLIA OIL: A rich source of Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids. It is non-greasy and an excellent all-around moisturiser, keeping skin feeling moist, smooth and supple

SHEA OIL: High in fatty acids and vitamins for a nourishing effect

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: Rich in fatty acids and has a skin-soothing effect

ROSEHIP OIL: High in Vitamin C, linoleic and linolenic acid, and easily absorbed into the skin, it helps to improve the appearance of the skin’s texture and enhances the skin’s hydration


Just like Charlotte’s Magic Cream, this results-driven formula is infused with a magic matrix of 8 supercharged skincare ingredients, including BioNymph Peptide, Vitaminc C & E and Organic Aloe Vera to flood the lips with moisture!


“Just like my Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, my NEW! lip miracle is magically infused with a crystal complex for the spiritual and mythical power of crystals!” - Charlotte Tilbury

4x3 crystal complex visual

How To Apply Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Elixir

Just as you always prime your skin with your MAGIC CREAM before makeup, I always apply the same routine to the lips! PREP, PRIME, AND HYDRATE! I have infused my new lip miracle to give you the ultimate formula for gorgeous, kissable lips! It’s YOUTH-BOOSTING, VOLUME-BOOSTING MAGIC for your lips!” - Charlotte Tilbury

Step 1: Before your first use, gently squeeze the tube to let the oil flow into the crystal rollerball.

Step 2: Roll over the lips throughout the day or wear as an overnight conditioner. Charlotte’s magic rollerball applicator methodically energises and massages the lips as you apply, ensuring even distribution of the magic ingredients!

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*32 people tested over 28 days †tested on 17 people Sqisandryl® is a registered trademark by BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS

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