The Clinically-Proven Benefits of Plant Adaptogen Extracts In Skincare

Discover the benefits of Plant Adaptogen Extracts in skincare and face serum, including Polyglutamic Acid and SQISANDRYL® for firmer-looking, hydrated skin.

What Are Plant Adaptogen Extracts?

Adaptogens are one of the most resilient forms of nature – they have the power to adapt to and survive the harshest conditions with their moisture-retaining powers. Extracted from precious, rare plants from across the globe, Plant Adaptogen Extracts have numerous properties for health, wellness and the skin.

The Benefits of Plant Adaptogen Extracts

Using Plant Adaptogen Extracts in skincare helps to brighten the appearance of the skin, and boost your skin’s own barrier function, which then gives skin moisture-retaining powers. Discover the benefits and CLINICALLY-PROVEN results of Plant Adaptogen Extracts in Charlotte’s SUPERCHARGED, SCIENCE-POWERED face serum.

First Light Snow Lotus and Resurrection Leaf

Plant Adaptogen Extracts First Light Snow Lotus and Resurrection Leaf combine unique botanicals to brighten the appearance of the skin and maintain the skin’s barrier function. At a concentration of 0.9% in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, these Plant Extract Adaptogens work within the science-powered formula to help skin appear RADIANT and feel MOISTURISED for up to 24 hours!*



Polyglutamic Acid

Polyglutamic Acid is a humectant derived from soybeans with 4 X THE HYDRATING POWER OF HYALURONIC ACID; a combination of high and low molecular weight in the product target the skin to leave it looking PLUMP and HYDRATED.

Included at 0.075% in Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir, Polyglutamic Acid helps to significantly INCREASE HYDRATION of the skin by 172% after 1 hour*. Made up of large molecules that allow it to form a thin, moisture-loss preventing film on the skin’s surface, Polyglutamic Acid it acts as a plumper-looking skin filter to REDUCE the appearance of FINE LINES.

Polyglutamic Acid also forms a water-locking film over the complexion to retain moisture in the skin, contributing to the REDUCTION of SKIN WATERLOSS BY 43% after 1 hour* in clinical tests.


Sqisandryl® is a registered trademark by BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS

*Observed in clinical tests on 31 women & men ages 18-80 over 8 weeks

† Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir tested on 209 women & men aged 18-80 over 4 weeks

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