How To Fake A Nose Job

Always wanted that perfect sculpted facial framework? Makeup can deliver without a needle in sight! Fake a nose job with our step by step guide.

The beauty of makeup is that there’s now no need to go under the knife for a perfectly sculpted facial framework. Avoid the black eyes and bandages with this guide on how to fake a nose job. Contouring has come a long way since it became popular, and now with variations including powder contour and cream contour, you can contour any which way you desire! A powder contour is perfect for a subtle sculpt, while a cream contour is ideal for building up for a Hollywood finish.

How to fake a nose job

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  1. A light-tone model with blue eyes, wearing dewy warm pink makeup and getting a glowy, pink blush applied.

    Powder Contour

    Step 1: After completing your base makeup of foundation, concealer and powder, take a blending brush and dip into your powder contour shade.

    Step 2: Tap off any excess product and start to carefully trace along the side of your nose from the inside of your eyebrows down to the tip.

    Step 3: Follow your blending brush along the underside of the tip of your nose.

    Step 4: Finally, trace up the side of your nose from the tip towards the inside of your eyebrows. Mirror the technique you used for the opposite side.

    Step 5: Lift with a little powder highlighter down the centre of your nose for a candlelit complexion.

  2. A medium-tone model getting her face contoured with a contour wand in a creamy, liquid formula in a chocolate brown colour.

    Cream Contour

    Step 1: Complete your base makeup of foundation and concealer, then trace down each side of your nose with the cream contour.

    Step 2: Using the smaller end of a stippling brush, blend the cream contour to create a seamless line.

    Step 3: Use a cream highlighter to dot along the centre of your nose and blend again for a red-carpet-ready contour.