Naturally Glamorous Makeup For Mature Women

Discover how to create a naturally glamorous makeup look for mature women, featuring Charlotte's mother, Patsy.

Introducing my everyday, naturally glamorous makeup solution for mature women, featuring my beautiful mother, Patsy. In this video, I show my mother how to create a natural, gorgeous Golden Goddess look using modern, pretty colours to effortlessly turn back the clock.

  1. A pearly-white cream in a glass jar with a metallic, golden-coloured lid which has 'Charlotte's Magic Cream' written on it.

    Step 1: Moisturise

    Start by drenching your skin with my Magic Cream moisturiser to relieve any dryness, and ensuring your skin looks plump, fresh and full of the dew of youth.

  2. wonderglow-packshot-closed

    Step 2: Prime your face

    Apply my ‘Gisele-in-a-Jar’ youth elixir, the Wonderglow face primer. This will soft-focus any lines or imperfections, giving you a ‘lit-from-within glow’.

  3. An open, foundation bottle in a light beige colour with the CT logo printed on it and its rose-gold-coloured lid next to it.

    Step 3: Apply your foundation

    Polish your complexion with my illuminating Light Wonder foundation. Use my Foundation Brush for an even, light application. Target under-eye circles, blemishes and age spots with The Retoucher concealer. The precision brush means you can cover with ease, and the black tea-infused formula treats and transforms flaws, acting like a plaster to cover and heal blemishes.

  4. Lid-Off-Shade-Packshot

    Step 4: Shape your eyebrows

    Use my Brow Lift eyebrow pencil to shape and fill your eyebrows. As you get older, your eyebrows start to thin, so you can cheat them instead! They are the pillars of the face, after all…

  5. life-changing-lashes-packshot

    Step 5: Curl your lashes

    Curl your lashes using my Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler, which acts like a push-up bra for the eyes.

  6. The-Golden-Goddess-Open-Packshot

    Step 6: Apply your eyeshadow

    Using the Golden Goddess eyeshadow palette, apply the soft honey and gold Prime and Enhance shades with my Eye Blender brush. Simply apply like a wind-screen wiper across the lid, the brush will do all the work. Follow the lash line using my Eye Smudger brush dipped in the Smoke shade to create beautiful gilded definition and smokiness around the eye.

  7. An open eyeliner pencil in a shimmery brown shade with its cap next to it and an open mascara in dark crimson packaging with its applicator next to it.

    Step 7: Lift your eyes

    Draw along the lash line using The Shimmering Brown powder eye pencil, flicking upwards and outwards at the corner of the eye to lift mature eyes. Then use my Full Fat Lashes mascara to add curl, volume, drama, length and separation to your eyes. With more mature eyelashes, it’s important to capture those tiny bottom lashes. Use the tapered end of the brush to accentuate and lengthen them.

  8. Bronzer-Brush-Back-Packshot-Reflection

    Step 8: Apply your bronzer

    Use my Bronzer brush to dust the Sculpt shade from my Filmstar Bronze and Glow bronzer & highlighter duo along the cheekbones, nose and forehead. This will give you a beautiful, warm glow.


    Step 9: Apply lip liner, lipstick & lip gloss

    For the lips, resize and reshape with my Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk by tracing around your lip line. Use my K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Stoned Rose to add volume to your lips. This colour looks fresh and modern at ANY age! Apply my Lip Lustre lipgloss in Ibiza Nights for a perfect, natural glimmer.


    Step 10: Apply your blusher

    Finally, use my lovely, tawny-peach, Chic to Cheek blusher in Ecstasy to lift the complexion and finish off your makeup look.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

With over 30 years experience, Charlotte Tilbury MBE is the world's number 1 makeup artist and British beauty entrepreneur. Charlotte established Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in 2013, which is now a record-breaking beauty brand that has won over 400 awards.