Mini-Break Travel Essentials You Need In Your Makeup Bag

Perfect your packing for your mini-break with our edit of beauty travel essentials that will give you a perfect capsule collection for your trip!

Spring is here, which means it’s time to pack your bags for weekends away and fabulous adventures. When packing for a weekend trip, it’s always a good idea to pack smart. Taking full-sized bottles of hair care, beauty and skincare will leave you with minimal room for anything else! Instead, focus on the absolute makeup essentials and multi-tasking makeup that you can create classic makeup looks with.

Face Palettes

For all-in-one makeup that will give you a beautiful makeup look with minimal effort, a face palette is your go-to. We love a face palette that you can create different looks from, like the Instant Look in a Palette in Smokey Eye Beauty. This gorgeous array of shades can give you a light daytime shimmering eye, a subtle, sophisticated matte brown smoke or an intense black smokey eye, perfect for date night. Then you can complement your makeup with a blush of glowing colour to the cheeks and sculpted cheekbones. All in one easy to use makeup palette! Plus, if you have all your essential makeup shades in one palette, you can just throw it in your makeup bag, ready to go for the weekend!

1x1 palette

Skincare Kits

Just because you’re on a mini-break, doesn’t mean you should throw out your skincare routine! Skincare kits with travel-sized skin essentials are key for a weekend away. If you’re travelling to a city for the weekend, then cleansing your skin after a long day of sight-seeing is essential to clearing your skin of pollutants. If you’re on a country get-away, then why not take the skin pampering to the next level with a clay mask to keep your skin glowing along with the fresh air. Skincare is so important, because if you don’t take care of your complexion, then your makeup will never look quite as flawless. A travel-sized skincare kit is ideal for taking on a long weekend trip, so you never have to worry about letting your complexion suffer at a moment’s notice!

1x1 mini break essentials 02

Eyeshadow Quads

If you wouldn’t be seen dead without your smokey eye, then an eyeshadow quad is the perfect accompaniment for a weekend away. With four colours so you can dress up your eyeshadow whether it is for a daytime chic look, a sexy date look or a fun, party makeup look. Eyeshadow quads give you options without taking up a lot of space. We love running a darker colour along your lash line with a thin makeup brush to act as eyeliner to multi-task that makeup!

1x1 mini break essentials 03