Magic Foundation

Is It Magic Or Is It Foundation?...It's Magic Foundation
Perfect looking skin for all ages, all skin tones

Five years in the making, this is a new generation of anti-aging, full coverage foundation that morphs to your face in a weightless texture, for a perfect looking second skin that lasts all day. Available in 15 shades, the new Magic Foundation range creates perfect looking skin from Lily Cole to Lupita Nyongo.

    What are the Magic Ingredients?

  • Mushroom Extract: Triple action: It improves skin firmness, magically tightens pores, floods the skin with moisture
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres: These genius spheres fill with moisture as they are absorbed into the skin, plumping the skin with water, reversing wrinkle grooves.
  • Supercharged Vitamin C (VC-IP): This brand-new skin hero ingredient has been tested clinically in several In-Vivo tests and is the first time it is integrated into a foundation. VC-IP, super-charged Vitamin C, converts into pure vitamin C within the skin, giving protection and energy directly to the skin’s cells and DNA.


For all ages and all skin tones, Get Charlotte's personalised prescription for you in minutes...

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