The Most Mesmerising Pink Eyeshadows On Dark Skin

Discover Charlotte’s mesmeric pink eyeshadow looks that look extra dreamy on deep & dark skin tones, using the MAIGIC of Pillow Talk…

For magical pink eyeshadow looks that look extra dreamy on dark skin tones, discover Charlotte’s guide to eye-adorning shades, flattering finishes and luxury eyeshadow palettes. Discover how to wear pink eyeshadow, with tips, tricks and a mesmerising eyeshadow tutorial to create a dreamy, romantic gaze for any mood and any moment….

The Perfect Pink Eyeshadows for Dark Skin

Pink eyeshadows come in a magical range of finishes and hues; from shimmering and glittering champagne pinks to matte dusky pink and berry shades, there’s a dreamy world of pink-toned magic to discover! On deeper, darker skin tones, look for super pigmented shades in sparkling or matte finishes to create a mesmeric gaze for any occasion.

For day-time glam or a sparkling party makeup look, discover Charlotte’s glittering pink eyeshadows in her Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pops in Pillow Talk. This quad of sparkly POP shades adorns your eyes with the MAGIC of Pillow Talk and beautifully compliment dark skin tones with pearly pink, reddy-bronze and peachy-pink hues.

packshot-open resized 4x3

This dreamy eyeshadow quad makes the perfect gift for yourself or treat yourself to the complete Pillow Talk Intense makeup set makeup set for dark skin featuring Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pops plus magical blush, lipsticks, lip gloss and eyeliner from the magical world of Pillow Talk.


For an eyeshadow palette to create a pink eyeshadow look for any moment, discover Charlotte’s NEW Instant Eyeshadow Palette Pillow Talk . This limited-edition palette features 12 mesmerising, super pigmented shades to create glowing pink eyeshadow looks that look extra magical on dark skin.


Create the Day look, a soft pink gaze for every day, the Desk look, a peachy pink dream that makes eyes POP or the Dream look, with berry-pink hues that make a statement. The matte eyeshadows in this magical palette contain coated pigments that help give gorgeous intensity, and the metallic pearl shades contain Emollient Esters that make these dreamy eyeshadows super comfortable to wear.

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette of Pops in Pillow Talk

Step 1:

Begin by applying the pearly pink PRIME shade to the inner corners of your eyes using the Eye Smudger Brush.

Step 2:

Wash the pretty soft pink ENHANCE shade over the entire eyelid using your finger and along the lower lash line using the Eye Smudger Brush.

Step 3:

Next, apply the reddy-bronze SMOKE shade to the outer corners of the eyes to add intensity and blend along the outer lower lash line for definition.

Step 4:

Complete the look by applying the peachy bronze POP shade to the centre of the eyes to dazzle and delight.


Pillow Talk Desk Eyes Close Up 2 resized 4x3

Instant Eyeshadow Palette in Pillow Talk

Choose your pink Pillow Talk look, from the sophisticated rose gold Day look, mesmerising peachy pink Desk look or sparkling pink Dream look.

Then, follow Charlotte’s simple PRIME-ENHANCE-SMOKE method to create each magical look!

Step 1:

First apply the PRIME shade all over the eyelid with the Eyeshadow Blender Brush for a gorgeous kiss of colour.

Step 2:

Blend the ENHANCE shade across the lid for added, dreamy definition.

Step 3:

Apply the SMOKE shade, blending into the crease line and under the eye using the Eye Smudger Brush.

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