THE Pink Glitter Eyeshadow Look You NEED To Wear This Season

Discover THE pink glitter eyeshadow look you need to wear this season, using Charlotte's dreamy nude-pink eyeshadow palette for gorgeous sparkly makeup.

Pillow Talk is Charlotte’s gorgeous nude-pink lip shade on EVERYONE’s lips, and the full collection including award-winning, BEST-SELLING, ICONIC makeup treats has entered a NEW!, GLITTERING dimension with Luxury Palette of Pops eyeshadow palette in Pillow Talk!

With party season approaching, glitter eyeshadow and Charlotte’s Pillow Talk Luxury Palette of Pops are MUST-HAVES for beautiful, shine-bright, sparkling makeup! With four dazzling, diamond-like eyeshadows in mesmerising pink, red and bronze hues, Luxury Palette of Pops in Pillow Talk is the perfect magical eyeshadow palette to create a gorgeous glitter makeup look.

Palette of Pops Eyeshadow Pillow Talk

Discover Charlotte’s step-by-step tutorial below for a dreamy pink glitter eyeshadow look!

How To Create A Mesmerising Pink Glitter Eyeshadow Look

An easy-to-use PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE, POP shade sequence which can be dialled up or down! For the ultimate sparkling finish that plays with the light, apply the shades wet!

  1. Step 4 Palette of Pops Pillow Talk

    Step 1: PRIME

    After creating a flawless-looking complexion with Charlotte’s skincare saviours and complexion heroes, take the Eye Smudger Brush and apply the pearly pink PRIME eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes.

  2. Eye-Smudger-Brush-Back-Packshot-Reflection

    Step 2: ENHANCE

    Next, apply the ENHANCE shade over the entire eyelid using your finger for a gorgeous wash of pretty soft pink colour. Add a beautiful sparkle to the lower lash-line by applying the same pink eyeshadow under the eye using Charlotte’s Eye Smudger Brush!

  3. Charlotte Tilbury Palette of Pops Pillow Talk Model Light

    Step 3: SMOKE & POP

    Using the SMOKE shade, add reddy-bronze definition by applying to the outer corner of the eyelid using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush, and the outer lower lash-line using the Eye Smudger Brush.

    Finish the glitter eyeshadow look by adding a little extra sparkle with the peachy-bronze POP shade to the centre of the eyelid to dazzle and delight! For the most mesmerising result, apply the POP shade with your fingertips.

  4. Barbarella-Brown-Lid-Off-Packshot

    Step 4: SMUDGE & FLUTTER

    To complete your gorgeous glittering eye makeup look, define the eyes with Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliner pencil in Barbarella Brown, applying close to the top lashes for a smokey, smudgy look. After curling your eyelashes with eyelash curlers, apply lashings of Legendary Lashes Volume 2 mascara for gorgeous wide-eyed flutter!

Complete The Look With More Pillow Talk Magic!


With glamorous, glitter eyeshadow, add a sophisticated matte lip with Charlotte’s ICONIC Matte Revolution lipstick and Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk. First, line your lips with the nude-pink lip liner pencil in Pillow Talk before filling in the lips with the matching Matte Revolution nude-pink lipstick for a gorgeous, sumptuous pout!


To sculpt and define the face, apply Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand to the hollows of the cheeks, side of the nose and forehead, temples & jawline, blending out with the Hollywood Complexion Brush for a seamless, sculpted finish!

Compliment your pink glitter eyeshadow with Beauty Light Wand liquid highlighter in Pinkgasm. Apply to the pink high-blusher to the tops of the cheeks and blend for a dreamy, soft-focussed glow!

For an extra dimension of Pillow Talk magic, lightly dust Cheek to Chic powder blush in Pillow Talk onto the apples of the cheeks using Charlotte’s Bronzer & Blusher Brush.