Effortless Natural Eyeshadow Looks To Try

Create natural eyeshadow looks that are elegant and effortless using Charlotte’s natural eyeshadow palettes and tips and tricks for natural eye makeup.

Darlings, natural eyeshadow looks are perfect for letting your natural beauty shine through! Charlotte loves to create natural eye makeup looks that accentuate the look of her models’ bone structures and eye shapes, applying dreamily soft shades with a light hand to capture a more subtle beauty look. Discover Charlotte’s natural eyeshadow palettes that create beautifying, neutral eyeshadow looks and get endless inspiration for natural eye makeup!

Charlotte’s Natural Eyeshadow Looks to Try

  1. An open, mirrored-lid, 6-pan eyeshadow palette in shimmery and matte nude shades.

    Magical Matte Natural Eyeshadow Looks

    Charlotte’s magical matte eyeshadows are perfect for creating natural eyeshadow looks! Matte makeup looks can look more natural as matte eyeshadows are formulated without shimmer, and using neutral matte shades can help to mimic shadows on your face. Reaching for matte eyeshadows in soft, natural colours like brown, caramel and ivory is the key to subtly accentuating the look of your eyes with a natural eyeshadow look.

    The Luxury Palette in The Sophisticate is Charlotte’s original, all-matte look – it’s one of her 10 ICONIC LOOKS! Featuring supple cream, taupe and chocolate shades that are easy to blend and elegantly define the look of the eyes, this natural eyeshadow palette is carefully curated to create natural eyeshadow looks with a sophisticated, matte finish.

    If you’re looking for warm and cool-toned options to create all-matte makeup looks with, choose Charlotte’s Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette! Breaking down your natural eyeshadow look into three easy steps, this palette features 6 modern, matte shades that enhance the eyes with flattering, satin-matte pigment. Super Nudes includes three warm-toned caramel browns and three cool-toned options to be used separately or together to perfect the nude, natural-looking gaze!

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  2. Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess, a golden-brown eyeshadow quad

    Glowing Natural Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup

    For glow lovers that are looking for their perfect natural eyeshadow look, Charlotte recommends her Luxury Palette in The Golden Goddess for a soft, golden gaze! The Golden Goddess look is inspired by natural beauties with glowing, sun-kissed complexions, and Charlotte created her Luxury Palette to give everyone, everywhere that GOLDEN GLOW! The natural eyeshadow palette features four golden-brown shades that illuminate the look of your eyes with satin shimmer, creating effortlessly natural-looking eye makeup magic that’s perfect for a gorgeous, glowing look!

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  3. Bigger, Brighter Eyes Palette in Exagger-Eyes, an eye-enhancing, rose-gold eye colour quad

    Bright-Eyed Natural Eyeshadow Look

    As a MAKEUP ARTIST TO THE STARS, Charlotte has always found ways to create natural eyeshadow looks that help eyes to LOOK BIGGER and BRIGHTER! Her Bigger, Brighter Eyes Palette in Exagger-Eyes is expertly curated to make every eye colour POP, using subtle satin and shimmer shades to illuminate the look of the eyes for a BRIGHT-EYED, WIDE-EYED EFFECT! Following the PRIME, ENLARGE, DEFINE and POP method, everyone, everywhere can use this eye-enhancing, natural eyeshadow palette to create sparkling natural eyeshadow looks that amplify the look of eyes!

    Tilbury Tip: Applying a brightening eyeliner like Charlotte’s Sleep Cheat Liner Duo to the waterline is an easy way to create the illusion of wide-awake eyes!

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  4. An open bronzer compact with a mirrored-lid in a rich chocolate brown shade, perfect for deep skin tones.

    Simple Natural Eyeshadow Look

    To create a simple natural eyeshadow look, all you need is Charlotte’s Airbrush Bronzer! Sweeping your bronzer through your crease is the perfect way to create a barely there eyeshadow look that blends seamlessly with the rest of your makeup. Take Charlotte’s Eye Blender Brush and dip into your bronzer, using the fluffy brush to create a diffused, airbrushed-looking wash of colour that flawlessly matches your cheeks. Just like that, you’ve created a subtle, natural eye look that softly defines the look of your eyes.

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