What Is C.T. Defence™ & The Benefits Of This Miracle Ingredient

Learn more about C.T. Defence™, what it is and how it benefits you. Discover one of four hero ingredients in Charlotte's Airbrush Flawless Foundation.

Airbrush Flawless Foundation is a hybrid magic skincare foundation for EVERY occasion! Why? It contains Charlotte’s magic matrix of ingredients, including the amazing C.T. Defence™.

Charlotte’s stay all day, weightless, full coverage, innovation foundation is for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. With a natural matte finish and 44 FLAWLESSLY MATCHED shades, it is the secret to a FLAWLESS, PORELESS-looking, confident complexion. Shop Charlotte's full-coverage foundation now!

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The benefit of Charlotte’s unique C.T. DEFENCE™ is to help limit exposure of the skin to everyday pollutants, so you can enjoy flawless, poreless-looking skin all day, every day!

“Modern day city life can wreak havoc on the skin! I wanted Airbrush Flawless Foundation to defend as well as beautify”

– Charlotte Tilbury

With a ground-breaking formula, the unique combination of Peptide Extract Microalgae, Amino Acid Arginine and moisturising PCA creates a power-pact to help try to defend the skin against the effect of urban exposure, which can contribute to premature skin aging.

In Charlotte’s twenty-seven years as a MAKEUP ARTIST TO THE STARS, people have always asked for her secret to the ‘flawless’ feeling derived from a poreless-looking, satin-smooth, visibly airbrushed, youthful-looking and FLAWLESSLY MATCHED complexion. This foundation is it!


Alongside C.T. DEFENCE™, Charlotte’s NEW innovation foundation contains the ground-breaking ingredient Magic REPLEXIUM® to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 22%* after 8 weeks of use, for a youthful-looking, fresh and flawless finish and MossCellTec™ No. 1 to boost the skin’s HYDRATION by up to +216%*.


With 44 shades to choose from to suit all skin tones and types, discover your perfect foundation shade with Findation. Simply select a foundation and shade that you know suits your skin tone and we’ll find your perfect shade in Airbrush Flawless Foundation!

*Tested on 30 men and women

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