Discover NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters

Discover Charlotte’s NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters and unlock the beauty glow tricks of the STARS!

Charlotte’s NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters are the key to getting the timeless, captivating glow of a HOLLYWOOD STAR! Inspired by all types of light, from natural sunlight and moonlight to beaming ring lights, Charlotte created her newest glow secrets in 7 GLOWING, LIGHT-INSPIRED SHADES to give everyone, everywhere a seamless, shimmering highlighter in their perfect shade.

These silky-soft pressed powder highlighters with Light Flex Technology scatter light to bend, blur and illuminate the look of skin with a weightless, soft-focus finish. Learn how these next generation highlighters can help to lift and sculpt the look of the face while giving the high points a megawatt glow!

Hollywood Highlighters still life

As a makeup artist to the stars, Charlotte has worked on celebrities and models all over the world, helping them to GLOW at awards ceremonies, film festivals, red carpets and beyond. She has become synonymous with radiant, retouched-looking skin, with her Hollywood franchise delivering MAKEUP ICONS like Hollywood Flawless Filter, a complexion-perfecting glow elixir for luminous, superstar skin, Hollywood Contour Wands, an effortless liquid contour formula that seamlessly sculpts the look of the face and Beauty Light Wands, ICONIC liquid highlighters that give the skin a dreamy, molten-looking glow.

NEW! to her line-up of Hollywood stars, Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters are Charlotte’s star-embossed powder highlighters that mimic the beautifying powers of Hollywood lights, bouncing and blurring light to create an otherworldly, gilded glow. Charlotte wanted to create a seamless pressed powder highlighter that combined her signature glow with the ability to lift and sculpt the LOOK of the face for a GLOWING, GORGEOUS facial architecture!

Charlotte Tilbury model shot,

“Darlings, I have always been obsessed with bottling light!

As a makeup artist, I know that with clever light tricks you can HIGHLIGHT, SMOOTH, BLUR, SCULPT + LIFT TO CREATE THE ILLUSION of a more defined, more structured and even more FLAWLESS FACIAL ARCHITECTURE! Makeup is all about playing with the power of light to enhance your beauty!

For years, I have wanted to bottle the iconic, old Hollywood camera tricks that smoothed, blurred and lifted the LOOK of skin – that’s why I’ve created a WARDROBE OF BEAUTY LIGHTS to mimic how cameras and filters read the face and redirect light and attention to your best features.

Like a light thief, I wanted to bottle this to give everyone the tools and tricks to FEEL AND LOOK LIKE A HOLLYWOOD STAR, wherever they are! Now I have innovated a perfecting, pressed powder highlighter with LIGHT FLEX TECHNOLOGY for a multi-dimensional glow! Infused with SMOOTHING EMOLLIENTS for a soft-focus satin finish and glow glide texture! It ILLUMINATES and BLURS the skin like Hollywood lights!

I have decoded facial architecture with my glow glide guide, simply HIGHLIGHT + SCULPT + LIFT the LOOK of skin in seconds!


– Charlotte Tilbury

Why You NEED Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters

Darlings, Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters are the beauty glow tricks of the STARS! A veil of Charlotte’s newest glow secrets leaves everyone looking GORGEOUS, GLOWING, and dripping in HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR! Here’s why these highlighters are the glow-getters of choice on the red carpet:

Head-Turning Hollywood Glow

Hollywood Highlighter model shot

Formulated to capture the light from every angle and give the complexion a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, MEGAWATT GLOW, these highlighters belong in EVERYONE’S makeup bag! Innovative Light Flex Technology allows pigments to magically morph on the skin, creating a soft-focused, blurred effect that leaves skin looking more youthful with an ethereal glow. The formula delivers a head-turning Hollywood glow with no glitter necessary, letting its Glow Pearl Filter create a GORGEOUS GLOW that always LOOKS FLATTERING and FLAWLESS!

Effortless Glow Glide Texture

Hollywood Highlighter still life swatch

These high-impact highlighters are enriched with smoothing emollients to give them a hydrating, ‘Glow Glide’ feel on the skin. Infused with Silky Mica and Silky Squalane for an effortless, gliding application, these glow secrets soar across the skin with a light-as-air feel and blend seamlessly with the rest of your makeup with a smooth, second-skin effect.

Combining the gliding motion of a liquid highlighter with the pigment of a powder, Charlotte set out to create a highlighter with a smooth, satin finish that doesn’t crease, cake or settle into fine lines. Her fabulous formula lends the skin a soft-focus glow, illuminating the high points and applying like a weightless veil of supple silk.

Lifts and Sculpts Like a Face Architect

Whether she’s behind the scenes working on a red-carpet transformation or backstage at fashion week, Charlotte is always analysing people’s faces - they’re her canvas! She wanted to create a highlighter that acts like a LIGHT THIEF, tricking different types of light to help lift and sculpt the look of every face shape using her GLOW TRICKS!

Charlotte’s Glow Glide Guide includes 6 ways that anyone can use highlighter to highlight, lift and sculpt the look of their face to create the illusion of a more defined facial structure with the glow of a Hollywood star. Discover Charlotte’s tips for Hollywood Glow Architecture and become the architect of your own face!

Hollywood Highlighter model shot

Glow Glide Guide: 6 GLOW TRICKS!

CHEEK TRICK! LIFT the LOOK of your cheeks by GLIDING Charlotte’s highlighters from your cheekbone to your temple. Swish your brush back and forth to create a diffused highlight that makes cheekbones LOOK HIGHER and MORE PRONOUNCED with a HOLLYWOOD GLOW!

JAW TRICK! SCULPT the LOOK of your jawline by applying highlighter with Charlotte’s Powder and Sculpt Brush, precisely gliding across the very top of the jaw to accentuate its structure.

EYE TRICK! Help eyes to LOOK BIGGER and BRIGHTER by applying Charlotte’s Ophthalmologically-approved formula to the inner corners of the eyes and on the centre of the lids to make your eye makeup POP!

NOSE TRICK! DEFINE and CONTOUR the nose by precisely applying highlighter along the bridge of the nose and making a small dot on the tip to create the illusion of a button nose.

BROW TRICK! Create a BROW LIFT EFFECT by applying highlighter under the arch of the brow to accentuate its shape and above the centre of the brow for maximum glow.

LIP TRICK! TRICK your way to fuller-looking lips by highlighting the line of your top lip, focusing on your cupid’s bow in the centre to make lips appear fuller and wider.

Star-Studded Cast of 7 Glowing Shades

Charlotte has created 7 GLOWING SHADES of her NEW! highlighter to give EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE that classic Hollywood glow they’re looking for!

Studying the pigments in a spectrum of skin tones and the ways that they interact with different types of light, Charlotte developed 7 stratospheric, light-inspired shades with multi-dimensional glow including trophy gold, sparkling champagne and Pillow Talk pink so that everyone can GLOW LIKE A HOLLYWOOD STAR!

Choose from 7 GLOWING SHADES

Hollywood Highlighters still life

BRONZE GLOW: A bronze and gold highlighter that’s warm toned and richly pigmented.

CHAMPAGNE GLOW: A champagne highlighter that’s reminiscent of a sparkling glass of wine.

GILDED GLOW: A true, yellow-gold highlighter inspired by gilded glamour.

MOONLIT GLOW: A soft, ivory highlighter that mimics the magic of moonlight.

PILLOW TALK GLOW: A pearlescent pink highlighter in Charlotte’s ICONIC Pillow Talk shade.

ROSE GOLD GLOW: A warm, rose-gold highlighter inspired by sunrise over the ocean.

SUNSET GLOW: A copper and gold highlighter inspired by an orange sky at sunset.

Darlings, it’s time to GET YOUR HOLLYWOOD GLOW ON! Charlotte’s highlighters are sure to play a starring role in your beauty routine for all the GLOWING MOMENTS the year ahead will bring! Use her glow tricks to light up your makeup look and unlock red-carpet results that help you to GLOW LIKE THE STARS!

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