Day Cream vs Night Cream: What's the Difference?

Learn the difference between day cream and night cream so you can perfect your moisturising skincare routine for day and night.

Research-powered, moisturising skincare is the secret to any magic makeup look! Day cream or daily moisturiser is vital to keep your skin looking in perfect condition before you apply makeup, whilst a night cream helps nourish and rejuvenate your skin overnight.

Discover the difference between day cream & night cream so you can get the best instant and long-term results for your skin.

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Day Cream vs Night Cream: What's the Difference?

Day Cream

Never apply makeup without applying a day cream! Day cream allows you to apply your magic primers, foundations, concealers, colour correctors and powders onto a super smooth-looking, hydrated complexion!

It’s important to have separate day and night moisturisers due to the different ingredients, formulas, benefits, and textures they tend to have. Instead of using your daily moisturiser in the evening, save it for your morning skincare routine.

For example, ingredients that protect your skin from external aggressors, like SPF against UV rays and CITYSTEM™ for pollution defence, are wasted if apply them to your skin before you sleep, and brightening-effect ingredients like Vitamin C and Camellia Oil help to create a glowing, dewy-looking complexion that’s perfect for a daytime radiance!

So, when shopping for your day and night moisturisers, embrace the ingredients that work best for each! Day creams tend to be full of hydrating, defence, brightening, and smoothing effect ingredients for a gorgeous fresh-looking complexion and perfect canvas for makeup application!


Charlotte’s Magic Cream

Originally created backstage to prep and transform the look of models’ skin before fashion shows, this rich, supercharged moisturiser became so iconic Charlotte had to bottle it! The REVOLUTIONARY, RESULTS-DRIVEN FORMULA floods your skin with moisture for a glowing, plumper looking canvas!

Enriched with Charlotte’s ‘magic 8’ matrix of oils and ingredients, including plump-effect BioNymph Peptide, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, SPF 15 and nourishing Camellia Oil, this is the secret to MAGIC SKIN every day!



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Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light

If you prefer a lighter-textured day cream with TRIPLE PROTECTION, discover Charlotte’s Magic Cream Light! Inspired by Charlotte’s award-winning original Magic Cream, this light-as-air lightweight moisturiser provides INTENSE HYDRATION and COMPLEXION-ENHANCING benefits plus TRIPLE PROTECTION against UV rays, blue light and modern pollution!

Expertly formulated with HIGH PERFORMANCE ingredients including REPLEXIUM™, Vitamin E and CITYSTEM™ to deliver up to 24-hour HYDRATION, modern POLLUTION defence, SPF20 and a satin smooth finish, it’s the perfect day cream for warmer climates, the summer months and beauty-lovers who love a light-as-air formula or have oily/combination skin!

In user trials for Magic Cream Light, 92% agree skin LOOKS YOUNGER and 98% agree skin feels NOURISHED & HYDRATED**

Night Cream

At the end of the day, think about how much your skin has gone through; it could be exposed to polluted air when commuting, harsh weather conditions, damaging blue light from digital screens and the sun, and even topping up your makeup.

A night cream is designed to help revitalise your skin overnight, and the formula is usually much richer and thicker than a daily moisturiser, for a pampering, balm-like boost of magic ingredients that your skin absorbs through the night so you can wake up to gorgeous, smoother, plumper looking skin by morning!

Charlotte’s RESEARCH-POWERED Award-winning Night Cream


*Tested on 16 people

**Tested on 211 people over 4 weeks

***30 people tested over 8 weeks using once daily

****Discount based on total value of products if purchased separately

CITYSTEM™ is a trademark of Sederma

REPLEXIUM™ is a trademark of BASF Beauty Care Solution

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