The Story of Scent of a Dream

Discover the story of Scent of a Dream perfume with the sacred symbolism of the bottle and learn all about how Charlotte Tilbury developed her perfume.

The mesmerising Scent of a Dream perfume is the key to attraction!

The stunning floral scent is the perfect summer fragrance to display like a jewel on your dressing table. With intoxicating perfume notes including lemon, peach, tuberose, jasmine, and patchouli, Scent of a Dream is the ideal finish to any makeup look. Discover how to spray the magic way and learn more about the notes of Scent of a Dream here. The story of Scent of a Dream perfume has been growing for years…

“I believe you can use scent to create an emotional connection with someone else’s subconscious, igniting a strong sensorial. You can enhance their STATE OF MIND through scent, there is a secret communication of attraction between humans that we call ‘MIND AND BODY CHEMISTRY’. I aim to recreate this through scent, enriching everyone who wears it with the power of universal attraction.” – Charlotte Tilbury


Scent of a Dream has a gorgeous jewel-shaped bottle inspired by a visual code that channels the power of the universe.

scent of a dream

Historically, the potion bottle was used as a container of MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION and in Medieval times, potion bottles would have a SPELL of intent wrapped around the ‘stopper’ on a ribbon – this contained the ‘MAGIC’ that was unleashed upon opening.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

With over 30 years experience, Charlotte Tilbury MBE is the world's number 1 makeup artist and British beauty entrepreneur. Charlotte established Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in 2013, which is now a record-breaking beauty brand that has won over 400 awards.