Why You Should Use a Nude or White Eyeliner

Create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes with a nude or white eyeliner. Our how-to guide shows how to achieve this finish for a wide-eyed gaze.

Using a light-coloured eyeliner is a foolproof way of helping to create the illusion of wider eyes. White eyeliner is a trick to widening your eyes that people have used for years, but we’re going one step further and exploring how nude eyeliner can be used interchangeably with white eyeliner. Nude eyeliner is a more natural alternative to white eyeliner which blends better with your eye makeup and natural skin tone. This guide will help you learn how to use white eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger, wider for a gorgeous doll-like gaze.

Multi-Tasking Eyeliner

4x3 nude white eyeliner 01

The wonderful thing about using a light-coloured eyeliner is the versatility that it offers. Using on your waterline will create the illusion of a more wide-awake, brightened eye, but it’s also fabulous for other uses. Trace a faint line on your Cupid’s Bow to emphasise your pout before applying a little highlighter. This will help to define your lips for a truly kissable pout.

Another great trick is to sharpen up your winged eyeliner with a nude eyeliner. Our step-by-step guide to applying winged eyeliner will help you get that feline flick. If you want extra crisp definition then a nude eyeliner can really help achieve this. Simply follow underneath your winged eyeliner to create a sharper line.

Of course, there is the classic use for a nude eyeliner: applying it in your waterline. Do this after completing your eye makeup look, so you can see how much you need and avoids you having to reapply. Take your nude eyeliner and trace your lower waterline, you can also trace your upper waterline, but take care not to poke yourself in the eye! Watery, red eyes are not a beauty trend emerging any time soon… By tracing your waterline, it’s creating emphasis subtly with a natural shade that mimics your natural waterline colour. This gives the effect of wider-looking eyes and a nice finish to your eye makeup.

If you prefer a smokey, winged liner look, discover how to apply eyeliner like a pro!