5-Steps To The Perfect Feline Flick

Discover how to create the perfect feline flick winged liner using liquid eyeliner. Follow Charlotte’s easy five-step guide and apply eyeliner like a pro.

feline flick

From impromptu after-work drinks to glittering cocktail soirees, sultry smoky eyes are one of the most powerful tools of seduction! Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can re-create your wide-eyed, hypnotic look with varying degrees of impact – taking you effortlessly from desk to disco!

Perfect Charlotte’s signature feline flick with our step-by-step guide and video tutorial below.

  1. An open pot of cream eyeshadow in a shimmery, rose gold colour with its lid next to it.

    Step 1: Wash the eyelids

    Wash the eyelids with one of Charlotte’s genius Eyes to Mesmerise

    Incredibly easy to apply – simply blend in using your fingers – these creamy, long-lasting colours are designed to light up your eyes instantly!

  2. An open, liquid eyeliner pen in a warm brown shade with dark crimson and gold packaging with its lid next to it.

    Step 2: Apply eyeliner along the lash line

    Follow with Charlotte’s award-winning Feline Flick eyeliner pen. Quick and easy to use – and always giving fool-proof application – this magic eyeliner elongates and opens the eyes in an instant!

    Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a very fine line along the lash line until two thirds of the way across the lid. At this point, start to thicken the line, sweeping the pen slightly up and out.

  3. Eyes close-up of a model with blue eyes getting a jet-black eyeliner applied in a winged, cat-eye shape.

    Step 3: Draw a dot where the flick should end

    Look in the mirror and draw a dot where your flick should end. You can make it as long or as short as you dare!

  4. feline flick

    Step 4: Connect liner and dot

    Compare the symmetry of the dots on each eye, and then connect the end of your liner with each dot with a simple ‘flick’ of the pen.

  5. legendary-lashes_open-front_9

    Step 5: Apply mascara

    Finish with lashings of Legendary Lashes Mascara for that gorgeous Bambi-eyed flutter!

And that’s it! 5 easy steps to creating Charlotte’s signature Feline Flick! Don’t forget to watch the video to see how Charlotte does it, and to visit our YouTube channel for more How-To videos.