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Product Information

Darlings, my Beauty Light Wand in Pillow Talk is the secret to cheeks that GLOW with Pillow Talk magic!

The magical highlighter blush formula adds a kiss of colour to your cheeks and plays with the light beautifully for a soft-focus beauty glow!

“I call these my red carpet diva lights – they play with the light and make you look instantly glowing and gorgeous!” – Charlotte Tilbury

3 Pillow Talk beauty icons sold EVERY MINUTE! *

*based on global sales figures for Pillow Talk single products from March 2019 -February 2020

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Fill: 12ml

What makes it magic?

  • Lustrous polymers – enhances the look of skin luminosity, giving a high gloss, highlighting effect with a silky smooth, non-greasy texture
  • Fast-Drying Film Former – combined with the lustrous polymer, this gives a soft-feeling finish to the skin
  • Sensorial Oil – a remarkably light-feeling, non-oily emollient that imparts a silky soft feel and shine
  • Velvety Silica – a rich velvety texture with soft focus and oil absorbing properties
  • Brightening pigments – these provide magical coverage, and a soft feel for radiant-looking skin
  • Lindera extract – skin appears more hydrated, radiant, smooth. It works like a booster and potentiates the effects of light – to give the complexion a youthful-looking glow!