How To Apply Fragrance: Spray The Magic Way!

Discover my tips and tricks on how to apply fragrance and learn how to spray the magic way!

Spray The Magic Way: How To Apply Fragrance 2 Ways

Charlotte Tilbury How To Apply Fragrance

Spray On A Feeling

Each of the fragrances from my first ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions feature Emotion-Boosting Molecules which are proven to help enhance a specific feeling like love, or energy, or happiness. By spraying fragrance onto your pulse points, you are spraying on a feeling and amplifying a designated emotion to the world! Your pulse points include your ears and wrists, the base of your neck, your inner elbows, and the backs of your knees. I recommend applying your fragrance onto these areas as they naturally release body heat which can help to maximise the scent throw of your fragrance and enhance the impression that it creates.

Spray On An Aura

My six, mood-enhancing fragrances each reside in their own olfactory worlds and spraying them on creates a magical aura that can change the way you feel! Once you have decided how you want to feel today, take your fragrance and spray on an aura by applying it to your hair and clothes. This veil of fragrance goes the extra mile, intensifying your scent and making you feel even more magnetising!

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How To Apply Fragrance: Step by Step

Scent is a science, darlings… There’s more to it than just spraying it on! Discover my in-depth, step-by-step guide on how to apply fragrance and learn how to perfect your perfume ritual:

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1. Don’t get dressed yet, darlings

Fragrance should be applied directly onto your skin, so when you’re getting ready, I recommend applying your skincare and makeup, then spraying on your perfume before slipping into your outfit. This method lets your fragrance mesh beautifully with your skin, allowing it to interact with your pulse points and become one with your natural scent.

2. Hold your fragrance at a distance

Spraying on fragrance too close to your body can result in its scent becoming overpowering and can also create a wet feeling on the skin. When applying your fragrance, hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away from you, then mindfully spray on a fine mist that settles gracefully on the skin.

Tilbury Tip: Some people like to spray a cloud of perfume into the air then walk through it. While this can result in a more subtle scent, your perfume is being scattered around the room and you aren’t getting the full payoff. Hold the bottle slightly further away from you, darlings - that’s all you need for a perfect fragrance application.

3. Spray onto your pulse points

Your pulse points are the areas of the body where your arteries are the closest to the skin’s surface and they are named pulse points because you can feel your heart’s pulse when you touch them. They naturally exude body heat which makes them perfect spots to apply fragrance. Spraying perfume onto the pulse points lets it interact with your body’s natural warmth which can help to intensify the resonance of your fragrance. Pulse points can also help your scent to radiate around the room, using your natural heat exertion to diffuse pleasant wafts of perfume.

Where are your pulse points? Spray fragrance onto the insides of the wrists, elbows, and knees, as well as the ears and the nape of your neck to help maximise your scent throw.

4. Apply 4-6 sprays of fragrance

Darlings, when deciding how many sprays of fragrance to apply, less is more is often the mantra. To capture each of your pulse points, I recommend spraying once along either arm to apply to your wrist and inner elbow, then once on either side of your neck to apply to your ears and back of your neckline. If you are wearing a short skirt or a dress, a spritz onto the back of your knees won’t go amiss either!

Tilbury Tip: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to fragrance intensity, darlings. Spray on the perfect amount that makes you feel the most confident.

5. Let your fragrance absorb into skin

Allowing your fragrance to absorb into your skin can help it to last longer and gives it time to establish a complete dry down. As time passes, different fragrance notes in your perfume become more prominent; allowing your fragrance to dry naturally on your skin can help to reveal the true depth and magic of your chosen scent. After spraying fragrance onto your pulse points, wait a few minutes before getting dressed to allow your perfume to truly take hold.

6. Avoid rubbing your fragrance

You may have been taught that fragrance should be rubbed into the skin, especially between the wrists. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing in your fragrance as it can feel abrasive on skin and doesn’t offer any benefits to your scent – the friction that rubbing creates can actually produce subtle changes in your scent, affecting the lifespan of top and base notes. The only time I would recommend rubbing in your fragrance is if you are using a fragrance oil, and even then, a light, massaging technique should be used. If you want to transfer your fragrance from wrist to wrist, a simple dabbing motion should suffice.

7. Spray onto your hairbrush

Everyone wants sweet-smelling hair, darlings! While you can use a fragranced shampoo, conditioner, or hair oil to give your locks a heavenly scent, I like to spray on a magic aura using fragrance! One way to give your hair an atmospheric aroma is to spritz your perfume directly onto your tresses to give them an enchanting scent. If you’d prefer not to spray your perfume near your face, try spraying it onto your hairbrush before you brush your hair to unlock a sensorial styling experience that makes your hair smell divine!

8. Finish getting ready and spray onto your clothes

Fragrance is at its best when interacting with the natural warmth of your skin, however, you can further dial up your scent by applying fragrance onto your clothes. Once you have let your perfume dry down and gotten dressed for the day, apply a couple of sprays of fragrance to veil your look in mood-enhancing perfume. The tips from above still apply, darlings: less is more so don’t overapply, and be sure to hold your perfume at a distance to avoid creating splotches on your clothes.

Tilbury Tip: I like to apply 2 sprays of perfume to my chest, and if I’m wearing a coat, I’ll do another 2 sprays before I walk out of the door to make sure every layer smells irresistible.

9. Reapply later in the day

Darlings, when you choose a long-lasting fragrance like the magic scents from my Fragrance Collection of Emotions, you can enjoy an 18-hour scent trail without needing to reapply! However, I do enjoy topping up my fragrance ahead of an evening out or in-between a stressful schedule – it feels like fragrance therapy! Reapplying your fragrance reintroduces the top and heart notes in your fragrance to the fold and builds back the intensity that has become more understated throughout the day.

Tilbury Tip: Each of my fragrances are available as 10ml vials that are perfect for carrying in your bag and topping up your perfume on the go!

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How To Prep for Fragrance Application

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1. Bathe or shower to cleanse your skin

Before you spray on your fragrance, darlings, it’s best to bathe or shower to cleanse and freshen up your skin. This helps to wash away any odour that could change the way your fragrance smells and creates a beautiful canvas for it to settle into. If you are concerned about shower products influencing the scent of your fragrance, reach for unscented options to position your perfume as the star of the show.

2. Towel dry your skin

Always apply your fragrance onto towel-dried skin, darlings. If your skin is damp, this can affect the way that your fragrance dries down and can also impact its wear time. After washing, use a towel to gently dry off your skin, making sure each of the areas that you will be applying fragrance feel smooth and dry.

3. Moisturise your skin with body cream

Massage a silky-smooth body cream into your skin to hydrate and rejuvenate! I created Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream to unlock Magic Skin for Every Body! Inspired by the transformative effects of my original, award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream, this sensorial body cream glides onto the body, helping to firm, lift, and moisturise the look of skin while giving it a fresh, magic glow. Once your body is magically moisturised, your skin is primed for a perfect perfume application.

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4. Apply antiperspirant deodorant to your under-arm area

Fragrance is not a substitute for deodorant, darlings! It’s essential to apply an antiperspirant deodorant to help keep your under arms feeling fresh. You don’t need to apply perfume under your arms – that’s what your deodorant is for! I recommend applying a roll-on deodorant with antiperspirant under your arms first, then reaching for your perfume to spray on how you want to feel today!

Discover My Magic Affirmations for Each of My Fragrances

Darlings, the moment you’re taking to apply your favourite fragrance is the perfect opportunity to recite some daily affirmations. Once you’ve chosen which of my mood-enhancing fragrances you will be spraying on, discover the affirmations I like to say when I’m applying it – they’re magical manifestations to put into the universe!

  1. Love Frequency fragrance bottle artwork with pink flowers

    Love Frequency

    I am choosing love, light, and magic.

    I am loved and am in love.

    I love myself and I am surrounded by love.

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  2. More Sex fragrance bottle artwork with fire backdrop

    More Sex

    My energy is magnetic.

    I am divinely irresistible.

    My aura is hypnotic and I mesmerise everyone I meet.

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  3. Joyphoria fragrance bottle artwork with white flowers


    Today, I choose happiness.

    I am radiating positivity.

    Today will be a joyful day.

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  4. Magic Energy fragrance bottle artwork with rainbow backdrop

    Magic Energy

    My mind is awake and my body is full of energy.

    I am refreshed and full of magic.

    I am grounded and I am energised.

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  5. Calm Bliss fragrance bottle artwork with aquatic backdrop

    Calm Bliss

    I feel light and calm.

    I breathe in peace, and I breathe out stress.

    My mind and body are calm and tranquil.

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  6. Cosmic Power fragrance bottle artwork with celestial backdrop

    Cosmic Power

    Today, I am thinking limitlessly and will conquer my own world.

    I am beautiful and I am strong.

    I am stepping into my power.

    Shop Cosmic Power

Darlings, now you know how to apply fragrance the magic way, you can SPRAY, SAY, and DESIGN YOUR DREAM DAY! Discover the perfect perfumes for you using my Fragrance Finder, then spray on your destiny!

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