Cura della pelle: i propositi per il nuovo anno

Scopri i propositi di Charlotte per la cura della pelle per il magico anno che ci attende, tra cui creme idratanti, detergenti doppi e maschere viso che coccolano.

Happy New Year, darlings!

After a busy holiday season and New Year’s Eve celebration, it’s time to focus on YOU! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set some skin resolutions, and Charlotte is sharing her skincare and self-care secrets to make sure that 2023 is a year of GLOWING SKIN for EVERYONE!

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Discover Charlotte’s Skincare Resolutions

  1. Makeup remover in a clear bottle with text on it that reads, 'Take it all off' with a white-coloured lid.

    Always Remove Your Makeup

    Charlotte’s number one skincare resolution is to ALWAYS remove your makeup at the end of the day! It can be tempting to slip into bed after a busy day without removing your mascara, foundation and lipstick, but this is a skincare don’t! Wearing makeup to bed not only ruins your sheets, but it can also clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Let your skin breathe overnight and get into bed with a freshly cleansed face that’s free from makeup.

    To remove your makeup and wash away the day, apply Charlotte’s newly formulated Take It All Off makeup remover with a cotton pad, using her SHAKE, SOAK and SWIPE method to gently dissolve makeup. Then, apply Goddess Cleansing Ritual as a refreshing double cleanse, followed by Magic Night Cream for overnight skin recovery.

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  2. Crema idratante spessa e seducente dal colore bianco perlato, in un vasetto di vetro aperto con il suo coperchio dorato posto dietro.

    Follow a Magic Skincare Routine

    Charlotte is known as the Queen of Glowing Skin and her beauty secrets are the key to unlocking your most MAGIC skin yet! Her skincare icons are research-powered and supercharged with kind-to-skin ingredients, helping your complexion to look healthy, hydrated and lit-from-within.

    As a part of your skincare resolution for 2023, dedicate some time each morning to applying Charlotte’s skincare routine for MAGIC SKIN! With her star-studded roster of skincare products including her AWARD-WINNING Charlotte’s Magic Cream, Charlotte sought to create high-performance skincare solutions that are simple to use and provide immediate skin revival.

    On cleansed skin, apply Charlotte’s Magic Serum Crystal Elixir to deliver a skin-conditioning surge of hydration, then apply Magic Eye Rescue to the eye area to help nourish and depuff the look of tired eyes. Finish with Charlotte’s Magic Cream, her ICONIC, instant-turnaround moisturiser that helps the skin to bounce back from long days and late nights, leaving it glowing and ready for makeup.

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  3. Vista laterale della maschera Cryo-Recovery di Charlotte ispirata alla crioterapia

    Make Time for Masks

    Charlotte always says that skincare is self-care, and there’s nothing like one of her magical masks to leave you feeling pampered to perfection! Whether you prefer the instant, fuss-free moisture boost of a dry sheet mask, the pore-tightening properties of a clay mask, or the cooling powers of cryotherapy, Charlotte has the perfect mask for you!

    Make it your resolution to mask every couple of days, taking 10-15 minutes to pause and pamper. Masking offers the perfect chance for you to have a moment of relaxation, letting you unwind and regroup while caring for your skin. Charlotte’s research-powered masks are easy to apply and can be used morning or night, helping the skin to feel instantly recharged.

    When choosing your mask, reach for Charlotte’s Korean-inspired Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask as an immediate dose of moisture. Alternatively, choose Goddess Skin Clay Mask for a brightening, pore-tightening effect, or opt for Cryo-Recovery Mask for a cooling, lift-effect facial.

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  4. A glowy toner in a large, white-coloured bottle with a silver-coloured lid.

    Exfoliate Regularly

    Adding an exfoliator to your routine is a perfect skin resolution for 2023. Charlotte knows the benefits of resurfacing facials, and so she has created gentle-yet-effective formulas that can help to exfoliate dead cells and leave the skin feeling smoother.

    Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial is Charlotte’s acid exfoliator designed to be used weekly, giving the skin an instant glow while working to help resurface skin. It combines resurfacing elements with deep hydration to cocoon the skin in moisture, so pores can appear more refined while skin looks youthful and more radiant.

    An acid-free option is Charlotte’s Glow Toner, a daily radiance solution that helps to reduce the look of pores while leaving the skin feeling baby-soft. Glow Toner can be applied daily with a cotton pad or your fingers, helping to brighten and balance the look of skin using exfoliating acid alternatives Super Peptide Royalepigen P5 and EXFOLACTIVE®.

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  5. Olio per il viso Collagen Superfusion, confezione aperta con pipetta contagocce

    Indulge in Essential Oils

    This year, Charlotte suggests incorporating the soothing powers of essential oils into your skincare routine. In 2022, Charlotte released her first face oil, Collagen Superfusion Facial Oil, a formula that’s like a fountain of youth, enriching the skin with calming essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, neroli and damask rose.

    Charlotte’s facial oil has a transportive feel, resembling a relaxing facial at a faraway spa retreat. The potent formula can be mixed with your moisturiser or applied as a final hydrating step in your skincare routine, giving skin the fresh-from-the-facialist glow that Charlotte adores.

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  6. Un primer in un tubetto bianco con tappo di colore bianco e il seguente testo: "invisible UV Flawless poreless primer SPF 50 PA++++".

    Wear SPF, Every Day

    No matter your age, location or skin type, SPF is an unmissable step in every skincare routine. Charlotte has studied the harmful effects that the sun can have on the skin and knows the importance of protecting against UV rays. She dreamt up her Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer with SPF50 to fuse sun protection and skin prep into one simple step, creating a primer that beautifully blurs the skin’s appearance while offering all-important sun protection.

    Applied on its own or underneath makeup, Charlotte’s SPF primer is a year-round protector that’s equipped with hydrating hyaluronic acid plus pollution defence. It primes, protects and hydrates the skin while feeling weightless and appearing invisible, making it an essential DAILY UVA/UVB defence for EVERYONE of every age, skin type and skin tone!

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Darlings, skincare resolutions are all about self-love! Taking care of your skin FEELS good, and the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! Whether you’re pledging to drink more water, get more beauty sleep or follow Charlotte’s skincare tips, do the things that will make you feel like the happiest, healthiest, most beautiful version of you in 2023.

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