Best Eye Highlighter Shades for the Inner Corners

Accentuate your inner corners using Charlotte’s best inner eye highlighter shades for bigger, brighter-looking eyes.

Darlings, once you’ve created a mesmerising eye makeup look, it’s time to BEAUTIFY and BEDAZZLE with an eye-enhancing inner corner eye highlight! Discover Charlotte’s best inner eye highlighter shades and use her gorgeous glow secrets to make your eyes POP!

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Charlotte’s Eye Highlighter Essentials

To give your eye makeup the dreamiest inner eye highlighter, you’ll need Charlotte’s NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters! When creating her effortless Glow Glide formula, Charlotte wanted to make everyone’s facial architecture GLOW, from the tops of the cheeks to the inner corners of the eyes!

Charlotte developed a formula that’s safe for the eye area, making sure that everyone, everywhere can use her Hollywood glow secrets to illuminate the look of their eyes! Gliding onto the centre of the lids and lighting up the inner corners, these gorgeous glow-getters are the best inner eye highlighters for giving the eyes that red carpet-ready, Hollywood-inspired glow!

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How to Apply Inner Eye Highlighter

Glowing and gliding to light up every eye look, Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters are beamingly beautiful and effortlessly dial up your eyeshadow.

With Charlotte’s Eye Blender Brush, tap into your highlighter to coat the domed bristles in the glow-giving formula. Then, gently pat your brush into the inner corners to illuminate the look of your eyes.

Tilbury Tip: For gorgeous, glowing eyes, apply the same highlighter shade to the centre of your lid and brow bone to give your eye look a magical, megawatt glow!

Discover Charlotte’s Best Inner Eye Highlighter Shades

Soft, Golden Inner Eye Highlighters

A soft, gold highlighter is the perfect inner corner shade for every eye look! From everyday makeup to colourful artistry looks, a gleaming, golden inner eye highlighter enhances the look of your eyes and helps to create the illusion of a brighter-looking, wide-eyed gaze.

Charlotte’s golden highlighters look gorgeous on the eyes and are effortlessly applied with her Eye Blender Brush and Eye Smudger Brush. Her NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighters are available in 7 GLOWING SHADES, including gorgeous golds that are made to mesmerise!

Champagne Glow: For a silky-soft, champagne-gold highlighter, reach for Champagne Glow, an effervescent, light gold.

Gilded Glow: For a rich, yellow-gold highlighter, choose Gilded Glow, a trophy-gold highlighter inspired by the decadence of gilded glamour.

Sunset Glow For a glowing, copper-gold highlighter that looks fabulous on deep skin, choose Sunset Glow, an orange-gold inspired by the magical hues of sunset.

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Glowing and gliding to create Hollywood-inspired eye looks, these golden highlighter shades transform the look of your eye makeup with their glimmering, golden glow!

Beautiful, Bronze Inner Eye Highlighter

On deep skin, a beautiful, bronze highlighter blends dreamily with the complexion and enhances the inner corner of the eyes with flattering sparkle. After applying a wash of neutral eyeshadow, adding gleaming bronze highlights instantly takes your eye makeup from dressed-down to dialled-up and ready to GLOW!

Bronze Glow is the gorgeous, bronze shade of Charlotte’s NEW! Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter. Inspired by the mystique of the twilight hours and formulated to flatter deeper complexions, this beautifying shade looks incredible on the inner corners and finishes eye looks with a richly pigmented Hollywood glow!

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Eye Strobing with Bright, Ivory Highlighter

To create a strobing effect on the eyes, use a light, bright highlighter shade such as ivory or silver to illuminate the look of the eyes and capture the head-turning glow of Hollywood red carpet lights! Like the flash of a photographer’s camera, a gleaming ivory inner eye highlighter helps to brighten the complexion and open the look of the eyes, making sure that you’re eternally ready for your close up!

Inspired by the magic of moonlight, Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Moonlit Glow is her best inner eye highlighter for eye strobing. The bright, ivory shade is inspired by the mystical glow of a full moon, gliding onto the inner corners of the eyes for the dreamiest illuminating effect. With this mesmerising highlighter, those with fair and medium skin tones can GLOW, SCULPT and STROBE!

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The Perfect Pop of Pink for the Inner Corners

The search for the perfect pop of pink is over! Illuminate the inner corner of the eyes with Charlotte’s soft pink highlighters and create a blushing inner eye highlighter look that mirrors the romantic, rosy shades on your cheeks. Finding your perfect pink highlighter is the best way to create monochromatic makeup magic, turning your eyes, cheeks and face a complementary shade of pretty-in-pink!

Pillow Talk Glow: Darlings, Pillow Talk is EVERYONE’S PERFECT SHADE! Charlotte’s Pillow Talk Glow highlighter is a pearlescent pink that’s inspired by her ICONIC pink shade; it’s universally flattering and is an ICONIC pop of pink for your inner corners!

Rose Gold Glow: If you prefer a deeper shade of pink, choose Rose Gold Glow, a gleaming pink-gold highlighter inspired by the magical sight of sunrise. This skin-gilding shade looks gorgeous on medium to deep skin tones and gives eye looks euphoric pink radiance.

Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter in Pillow Talk Glow packshot for blog

Darlings, Charlotte’s best inner eye highlighter shades are simply DIVINE! With eye-enhancing options for every skin tone from gilded golds to pearlescent pinks, there’s a shade of Charlotte’s light-inspired highlighters for everyone, everywhere to adorn their inner corners with. Hurry darlings, GET YOUR HOLLYWOOD GLOW ON!

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