Luxury Beauty Gifts to Give Yourself Featuring Charlotte’s Must-Have Makeup Palette

Discover luxury beauty gifts that are too good to give away, including a must-have makeup palette, glow-giving skincare and false eyelash

With holiday season approaching, it’s time to start planning your gifts to treat your loved ones to gorgeous gifts. Charlotte’s glittering gift shop has something magical for everyone – so why not treat yourself to some makeup and skincare delights too? You deserve it!

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Discover Charlotte’s luxury beauty gifts that are too good to give away, including a must-have makeup palette, glow-giving skincare and false eyelashes for a gorgeous party look.

The Must-Have Makeup Palette – Gorgeous, Glowing Beauty

This holiday season, Charlotte’s NEW! limited-edition Instant Look in a Palette in Gorgeous, Glowing Beauty is the only makeup palette you need to sparkle, mesmerise and GLOW for any occasion!

With the most alluring shades for the face, cheeks and eyes, Gorgeous, Glowing Beauty is the must-have 6-in-1 makeup palette for an effortless, spellbinding 5-minute party look.

Create a bronze smokey eye with the three hypnotising eyeshadow shades; a shimmering muted pink PRIME shade, a bronze amethyst ENHANCE shade and an eye-defining, matte plum SMOKE shade!

Complete the look and add GLOW with the shimmery rose gold or matte dusty rose blushers for pretty, flushed cheeks and sculpt your face with the highlighter and bronzer powders for a gorgeous, glowing makeup look on the go.

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Amp Up Your Party Makeup with Fluttery False Eyelashes

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NEW! to Charlotte’s beauty universe is her collection of false eyelashes. Charlotte’s Lash Tricks are available in four gorgeous styles to amp up our party makeup look in a flash! ) Natural Chic: For bigger, brighter-looking eyes, these false eyelashes are the secret to a natural, thicker looking lash with a fluttery finish. Wear day-to-day or for a low-key festive occasion.

Red Carpet: For instant STAR lashes with elongation and seduction, choose Red Carpet for a sultry, amped-up makeup look for any occasion this holiday season.

Hollywood Glamour: For superstar volume, drama and glamour, wear Hollywood Glamour false eyelashes for a dramatic, full lash look!

Cat Eye: These corner eyelashes are perfect for an everyday flutter or to add a sprinkle of seduction to your feline flick winged eyeliner look.

A Beauty Gift to Yourself for the Perfect Pout

Treat yourself to some new lipsticks this holiday season! Charlotte’s Hot Lips 2 Mini Lipstick Wardrobe is the ultimate lipstick gift for yourself, with three luxurious mini lipsticks leaving you with the perfect pout for every festive occasion!

JK Magic: a soft, magical pink-kissed-with-nude lipstick to compliment any party makeup look.

Amazing Amal: an elegant, warm berry-pink for a kiss of festive colour.

Viva La Vergara: a flattering soft wine colour for a sumptuous, sultry look.

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Magic Cream for Magic Skin!

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For a skincare gift to yourself, choose Charlotte’s Magic Cream to perfectly prep the skin for all of your party makeup looks. This ultra-hydrating, skin-loving moisturiser is a must-have all year round, but during the festive-season, apply before every makeup look for a lit-from-within glow and radiant-looking complexion that’s ALWAYS photo-ready!

Apply Charlotte’s Magic Cream to your face and neck using the ‘Tilbury Tap' 5-minute facial massage technique!

Boost your complexion - Starting from the lower cheek, sweep cream out & up. Tap fingertips across cheeks avoiding eye contour.

Define contours - Place fingers under cheekbones, then smooth outwards and upwards along cheekbones.

Define jawline - Gently pinch chin with your fingers, moving up your jawline in one sweeping motion.

Smooth forehead - Starting in the middle of the forehead, massage in circular motions moving out to the temples. Pat any excess in with your ring finger.

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