How To Apply Lip Gloss

Discover how to apply lip gloss flawlessly – it’s the secret to fuller-looking, love-glazed lips!

Darlings, everybody loves the look of gorgeous, glossy lips! Whether you prefer a jewel-like lip gloss with a veil of sparkle or a hydrating gloss with mirror-like shine, discover how to apply lip gloss to make your lips pop!

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Lip Gloss Application Tips: How to Apply Lip Gloss

  1. Collagen Lip Bath plumping-effect lip gloss in clear, high-shine Refresh Rose

    Step 1: Choose your Perfect Lip Gloss

    Before you apply your lip gloss, discover the perfect formula for you! I’ve created three gorgeous glosses that all look wonderful on the lips, and each of them feels hydrating and comfortable to apply. Whether you prefer sparkle, shimmer, shine, or a gentle plumping effect, read the descriptions below to unlock the best lip gloss for you:

    Jewel Lips: Like a veil of jewels for your lips, my Jewel Lips are designed to make your lips gleam and glow. The dazzling, diamond-inspired formula feels hydrating on the lips while delivering show-stopping sparkle with a magical, multi-dimensional finish. Jewel Lips are for gloss-loving beauties that want to sparkle!

    Lip Lustre: My original lip gloss formula, Lip Lustre, is a high-shine gloss that amplifies the look of the natural lustre of your lips! This shimmering lip gloss offers a coat of luscious luminosity and dreamy colour, and is infused with glossy esters to create a light-reflective, glossy glow.

    Collagen Lip Bath: For plumper-looking lips, Collagen Lip Bath is your lip gloss of choice. Formulated with lip-loving ingredients including marine collagen for smoother-looking lips and lip-plumping mustard sprout extract for a gorgeous plumping effect, this lip gloss enhances the look of your pout with pearlescent, mirror-like shine.

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  2. Luscious Lip Slick lip kit includes Lip Cheat lip liner, Matte Revolution lipstick and Lip Lustre gloss in Charlotte's signature nude-pink Pillow Talk shade

    Step 2: Find your Most Flattering Shade

    To create a cohesive makeup look, choose a shade of lip gloss that flatters your skin tone and fits beautifully with the rest of your makeup. In my collection, I’ve created a range of pretty pinks, natural-looking nudes, racy reds and even dialled-down sheer shades, so there’s a lip gloss for every mood, every moment, and everyone.

    For a natural lip gloss look, I would recommend choosing a shade that’s closest to the pigments in your lips. Look into the mirror and analyse the tone of your lips, then choose a gloss that best resembles your lips au naturel. My most neutral, suits-all shades include Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose: a clear lip gloss that gives the lips gorgeous, glossy shine and looks good with everything, and Lip Lustre in Pillow Talk, a shimmering lip gloss in everyone’s perfect shade!

    With more dialled-up makeup looks, try choosing a lip gloss shade that complements the colours you’ve used to beautify your eyes and cheeks. If you’ve created a gorgeous, golden eye look, try a lip gloss with golden shimmer like my Lip Lustre in Ibiza Nights, or if you love to apply lots of Pinkgasm blush, try Jewel Lips in NEW! Pinkgasm and Pinkgasm Sunset!

    If you’re wearing lipstick underneath your lip gloss, choose a shade with similar hues that will enhance the look of your lip colour. A red lip gloss like Lip Lustre in Red Vixen or Collagen Lip Bath in Walk of No Shame will look sensational on top of your favourite red lipstick!

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  3. A lip oil in a white coloured tube with reflective geometric patterns on it in silver colour and a rose-gold-coloured lid.

    Step 3: Apply Lip Oil, Lip Liner & Lipstick First

    Always prep your lips, darlings… It’s the best way to create a smoother-looking canvas for your lip gloss to glide onto. Before you apply any lip makeup, glide Charlotte’s Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir onto the pout to hydrate and condition. The crystal-infused formula provides magical moisture and is enriched with Sqisandryl®* to help smooth the look of lip lines and make lips appear plumper and more defined. Let my magical lip oil hydrate your lips while you apply the rest of your makeup and when you get to lip gloss application, it will be seamless.

    If you will be applying lip liner and lipstick in your makeup routine, be sure to apply these before your lip gloss. My magical lip gloss formulas are designed to glide effortlessly over the top of other lip products, delivering hydration and high shine without disrupting the lip look you’ve created. Following this order is the best way to get a precise, lip-perfecting application with a glimmering, glossy finish.

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  4. Lip Brush for precisely applying lip gloss and lipstick

    Step 4: Glide on the Gloss

    Now that you’ve found the perfect lip gloss for your makeup look and your lips are perfectly prepped, it’s time to apply your gloss!

    Apply your gloss using from the applicator, gliding along the lips to deliver instant hydration and shine. Start in the centre of your lips and move back and forth to coat them entirely. When applying your lip gloss, use your lip liner as your guide – be careful to stay inside the line of your natural lips as you don’t want gloss to travel onto your chin or upper lip. Once you’ve applied a gorgeous coat of gloss, place the lid back onto your lip gloss and tightly twist it closed – this will help prevent your lip gloss from drying out.

    Tilbury Tip: If you don’t want to apply lip gloss straight from the applicator to avoid it getting stained with lipstick, you can use my Lip Brush. To apply, dip the square tip of your brush into your lip gloss and glide onto the lips for an easy and precise application.

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  5. Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder in shade 3 for tan complexions

    Step 5: Magic Top Ups and Touch Ups

    To keep your lips looking glossy throughout the day, keep your lip gloss in your bag for magic makeup touch ups on the go! Any time you want to add some sparkle or shine back into your look – whether that’s after eating or before heading out – reach for your lip gloss to top up your gorgeous, glossy lips!

    Tilbury Tip: My Airbrush Flawless Finish pressed powder doubles as a handy compact mirror that’s perfect for topping up your makeup while you’re out and about.

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