Come applicare l'ombretto nei toni del rosso

A smokey red eyeshadow is the ultimate seductive makeup look. Charlotte launched her fabulous limited edition red eyeshadow Walk of No Shame Luxury Eyeshadow Palette today, exclusively available on and the Charlotte Tilbury standalone Beauty Wonderlands in London, Los Angeles, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

Inspired by the award-winning and globally loved Walk of No Shame lipstick and Walk of No Shame Lip Cheat, this palette is a truly universally-flattering red eyeshadow for seductive eyes to mesmerize! In honor of this alluring red eyeshadow palette, we have a step by step guide so you can achieve that sultry, yet fiery red eye makeup look.

Also explore Charlotte’s iconic collection of red eyeshadows and eye makeup, from magical matte red eyeshadows to cream pencils and red glitter eyeshadow.

How to Apply Walk of No Shame Luxury Red Eyeshadow Palette

  1. An eyeshadow blending brush in bronze and gold colour scheme.

    Step 1 - Prime

    Using the eyeshadow Eye Blender Brush, wash the peach champagne PRIME shade in a windscreen wiper motion backwards and forwards across the eyelid, as a base for your red eyeshadow.

  2. Walk of Shame swatch

    Step 2 - Enhance

    Apply the empowering, sunset pink ENHANCE shade over the entire eyelid and along the lower lash line.

  3. An eyeshadow smudging brush in a rose gold and dark crimson colour scheme.

    Step 3 - Smoke

    SMOKE the upper and lower lash line for a warm glow of berry blushed crimson with the Eye Smudger Brush to achieve that smokey red eyeshadow look.

  4. Walk of Shame swatch

    Step 4 - POP

    Amp up the look by applying POP to the centre of the lid for a magical sparkle, completing that red glitter eyeshadow look with your finger.

These four seductive shades of russet and burnished rose create the perfect contrast to natural skin-tones and instantly enhance your eyes. It’s a shamelessly flirtatious, passion in a palette, red eyeshadow look.How to Wear Red Eye Makeup & Rock A Smokey Eye

*“Everyone is always asking me how to create a wearable, modern, complexion-boosting, rich, russet eye look that works for day and night, and this mesmerising palette is the answer!!! I have bottled all of my eye-brightening secrets into these beautiful, flattering, colour-morphing hues!” *Charlotte Tilbury

Walk of No Shame Eye & Lip Kit

This best-selling, award-winning shade also comes in an eye and lip kit! A modern take on a classic red lip and sultry confident eye to achieve that seductive red eye makeup look. Charlotte’s Walk of No Shame Eye & Lip Kit bundle contains the Walk of No Shame Luxury Eyeshadow Palette, the Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Walk of No Shame and the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Walk of No Shame.

Enhance your eye color sparkle, lift your complexion and create a universal, wearable look that enhances your natural beauty with Charlotte’s best red eyeshadow palette.

“Don’t forget to finish your look of seduction with a sweep of my award-winning Lip Cheat and Matte Revolution lipstick in Walk of No Shame!”- Charlotte Tilbury

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