Makeup for Oily Skin

Perfect your makeup this summer with our guide on how to apply makeup for oily skin, so you can avoid the shine and GLOW all summer long.

In warmer months, your skin can often become oilier because of the extra heat in the air. To help avoid an oily complexion, you can follow the step-by-step makeup tutorial for a gorgeous mattified natural look that you can dial up for date night. Follow the step-by-step guide or watch the video below to learn how to apply makeup for oily skin, so you can have flawless-looking makeup every day!


  1. Magic Foundation is an SPF15, medium-coverage foundation that's perfect for oily skin

    Step 1: Apply magic foundation

    After following your skincare routine, apply Magic Foundation all over your face, making sure you blend into your neck. Tap in around any areas that need a little extra coverage.

  2. The Retoucher concealer is Charlotte's skin-perfecting concealer inspired by light technology

    Step 2: Apply concealer

    Conceal any imperfections with the Mini Miracle Eye Wand, using your ring finger to tap in and blend.

  3. Airbrush Flawless Finish is Charlotte's award-winning pressed powder that's perfect for oily skin

    Step 3: Apply powder around your eyes

    Apply the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder around your eyes using a Blender Brush. This will help create a mattified base for your eyeshadow to avoid creasing.

  4. Close-up of a face powder brush.

    Step 4: Reduce shine

    Take your Powder & Sculpt Brush to apply the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder to reduce shine, create the appearance of blurred imperfections and illuminate your skin.

  5. Colour Chameleon cream eyeshadow pencil in Amber Haze, a smokey golden brown

    Step 5: Apply Amber Haze to eyelid

    Apply the Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil in Amber Haze all over your eyelid. With an easy glide formula, this is an easy way to create a smokey eye. Simply scribble on and blend with your finger.

  6. An open, jet-black mascara in burgundy packaging with its applicator next to it.

    Step 6: Apply mascara

    Finish your eye makeup with lashings of Full Fat Lashes Mascara, wiggling from root to tip for extra volume.

  7. Lip Cheat lip liner pencil in Pillow Talk, a dreamy nude-pink that's everyone's perfect shade

    Step 7: Line your lips

    Line your lips using the Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk. To add intensity to your lip colour, shade in your lips with the lip liner to help the lipstick stay on for longer.

  8. Two lipsticks, one open and the other closed, in a cool-toned nude shade with a modern matte finish.

    Step 8: Apply matte lipstick

    Use a matte lipstick such as Matte Revolution in Very Victoria for a natural-looking pout, applying straight from the bullet.