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Darlings, Brow Fix™ is my NEW! innovation to set your Supermodel Brow shape in place all day & night! It’s a long-lasting 24h clear brow gel with a silk thread brow fixing formula for elasticity + gloss! It never leaves a white cast, looks stuck down or dried out. Never stiff or sticky, instead brows are full, feathered & fixed in place!


My signature Supermodel Brow is FULL, FLUFFY, FEATHERED and FIXED. It's a MODERN, FLATTERING BROW SHAPE that stays in place ALL DAY and will SUIT EVERYONE! Whether you have sparse, thick, faded or thin brows, I have bottled the beauty secrets to SUPERMODEL BROWS and your ultimate BROWFORMATION at home with my EASY-TO-USE products! FILL, FEATHER, FIX & LIFT your BROWS to LIFT & ENHANCE the look of your FACIAL STRUCTURE in minutes!

Use this innovative brow perfecting tool as STEP 3, FIX of my 3-step system for creating THE SUPERMODEL BROW; It's as easy as FILL, FEATHER, FIX!

Fill: 6g


What makes it magic?

  • Over 90% AGREE Brow Fix™ GROOMS & SHAPES brows, EFFORTLESSLY STYLES brows, has an INVISIBLE FINISH and leaves brows FIXED IN PLACE!*
  • The formula is WATERPROOF (after 5 minutes!)**
  • Hair fixative – for exceptional adhesion and staying power, fixing the hair in place.
  • Natural polymer – Gives clarity and clearness, allowing the formula to spread easily through the hair but still gripping onto the hair and providing a thin, clear coating. The hair is left feeling soft and smooth and fixed in place without any flakiness.
  • Silk thread brow fixing formula – derived from silk, one of the strongest natural fibres in the world. It improves hair condition and leaves hair with a silky-smooth feeling and shine.
  • Panthenol – a derivative of vitamin B5. It helps strengthen hair, retain moisture and boosts shine.
  • Watercress Extract – Known for its hair caring properties, the watercress extract hydrates and softens providing an immediate conditioning effect.

*Tested on 105 people

**Tested on 30 people

Brow Fix 1

Brow Fix 2

3 Step Brow Routine including Brow Cheat, Brow Lift, Legendary Brows and Brow Fix

Supermodel brows 3 step routine Light Blonde Shade


Whether you have faded, sparse, thin, thick or full brows, I have bottled the SECRETS to SUPERMODEL BROWS in magical, flattering shades to suit EVERY type of brow and EVERY hair colour!

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