Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial for a Date Night at Home

Discover Sofia's Valentine's Day date night from home tutorial for a beautiful nude-pink eye look featuring Pillow Talk and a perfect pout for kissable lips!

Darlings, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re planning a romantic night for two or are looking forward to a cosy night in, look and feel like your most beautiful self with this Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial!

To turn up the charm on this love-filled holiday, use Charlotte’s Pillow Talk makeup must-haves to transform into your dreamiest self! One look at your glowing eyes, sultry lips and blushing cheeks and your Valentine will be well and truly tongue-tied!

Pillow Talk Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

  1. Pillow Talk Luxury Palette with 4 rosy-pink eyeshadow shades to prime, enhance, smoke and pop

    Step 1: Dreamy, Day Date Eyeshadow

    With Pillow Talk on your eyes, they can’t help but fall for you, darling! Charlotte’s Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk is inspired by her classic, nude-pink shade to give the eyes a dimensional look of love. The four shades are meant to be together, beautifying the eyes with the perfect amount of shimmer for a dreamy, daytime gaze.

    These rosy-pink shades have been expertly curated by Charlotte to be easy to choose and easy to use; simply follow her PRIME, ENHANCE, SMOKE and POP eyeshadow method. First, PRIME the lids with the pearlescent pink on the top-left, then ENHANCE the crease and lash-line with the dusky rose on the top-right. Next, use the bottom-right, rosy-brown shade to add dimension to the outer corners of the eyes, then finish with the bottom-left rose-gold topper on the centre of the lid and inner corners.

    Tilbury Tip: Use Charlotte’s Eye Blender Brush, her fluffy, synthetic eye brush, to perfectly blend your eyeshadow.

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  2. Hypnotising Pop Shots in Pillow Talk Diamonds, a multichrome, colour-shifting, rose-gold eyeshadow

    Step 2: Make the Eyes POP!

    To dial up your Pillow Talk eye makeup, apply Charlotte’s NEW! Hypnotising Pop Shots onto the lids to ACCENTUATE and ACCESSORISE your eyes! Charlotte’s NEW! Pillow Talk-inspired shade, Pillow Talk Diamonds - Diamond Dimension, is a glistening rose-gold colour that perfectly complements the rosy tones in her Pillow Talk Luxury Palette. The dazzling, diamond-inspired formula elevates your eye makeup, stealing hearts with its incredible, high-shine sparkle!

    With your finger, tap Charlotte’s hypnotising eyeshadow formula onto the eyes and gently blend out the edges. The instant colour payoff is like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

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  3. Mascara in a pink-coloured tube with its gold-coloured lid with a black applicator next to it.

    Step 3: Fluttering, Fanned-Out Lashes

    With a wave of Charlotte’s MAGIC Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara wand, you can unlock LENGTH, LIFT and VOLUME for a MESMERISING effect! When your lashes are fanned-out and fluttering, your gaze becomes IRRESISTIBLE! Apply lashings and lashings of Charlotte’s jet-black, push up-effect formula and you’re sure to catch your Valentine getting lost in your eyes!

    Tilbury Tip: Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara is also available in Dream Pop, a berry-brown shade designed to complement the natural sparkle in every eye colour!

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  4. Pillow Talk Medium is Charlotte's mid-toned, berry-rose shade of her Lip Cheat lip liner

    Step 4: Shape Up Your Lips

    For lips that look fuller, trace Charlotte’s AWARD-WINNING Lip Cheat lip liner around the edges to accentuate and exaggerate the look of their natural shape. Gliding Lip Cheat onto the lips helps to define your pout while giving it a flirtatious kiss of colour that won’t go unnoticed. By applying lip liner, your lips will appear resized while allowing you to get a more refined lipstick application.

    On Valentine’s Day, reach for Pillow Talk Medium, Charlotte’s berry-rose, pout-perfecting lip liner! Inspired by the naturalistic hues of Pillow Talk Original, Pillow Talk Medium offers a slightly deeper variation on Charlotte’s ICONIC shade, giving the lips more depth and exploring richer, berry tones.

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  5. Matte Revolution Lipstick in berry-rose shade Pillow Talk Medium

    Step 5: The Perfect Pillow Talk Pout

    Magical matte lips in Pillow Talk Medium are a perfect way to seal your Valentine’s Day makeup look with a kiss! Before you pucker up this Valentine’s Day, make sure your pout is primed with Pillow Talk magic! Matte Revolution Lipstick is Charlotte’s AWARD-WINNING lipstick formula with a modern, matte finish that gives the lips a standout coat of colour that’s comfortable to wear and turns heads with its classic beauty.

    Pillow Talk Medium is the PERFECT MATCH for the corresponding Lip Cheat! The rich, berry-rose tones fuse flawlessly to create a sultry lip look with impactful colour. Fill in your lips with the gorgeous lipstick bullet, then pop it into your handbag to reapply once you’ve secured your Valentine’s kiss!

    Tilbury Tip: Charlotte has created the perfect Pillow Talk Lipsticks for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! For a lighter, nude-leaning lipstick look, try Pillow Talk Original, and for a deeper, berry-brown shade, choose Charlotte’s satin-finish K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Pillow Talk Intense.

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  6. Pillow Talk Medium Beauty Light Wand is a pink-nude blush and highlighter inspired by Charlotte's signature shade

    Step 6: Blush and Glow

    Bathe your cheeks in BEAUTY LIGHT with Charlotte’s social media sensations, Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wands! Formulated to give the face a candlelit glow with the dreamiest hues, Charlotte’s magic blush-highlighter wands are favourites with beauty lovers around the world!

    Darlings, Charlotte knows you’re already GLOWING with love and happiness! To create a blush and glow look that captures the romance of Valentine’s Day, apply Pillow Talk Original Beauty Light Wand onto the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose and above the brows to enhance your features with soft-focus shimmer and provide a flush of colour that looks flattering in DAYLIGHT or at MIDNIGHT!

    Tilbury Tip: For deeper skin tones, choose Pillow Talk Medium for a sun-blushed, peach-toned look.

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  7. Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand in Pillow Talk is Charlotte's easy liquid blush formula

    Step 7: Love-Flushed Blush

    Finally, BLUSH for your CRUSH with Charlotte’s NEW! Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wands! Inspired by her ICONIC liquid wands, Charlotte has created easy liquid matte blushes to give the face and cheeks a romantic flush of pink! Her blush wands have a natural matte finish that gives the complexion a healthy-looking pop of colour and can be built up to create your perfect blush look from DAY to DATE to DISCO!

    Charlotte recommends applying a dot of her NEW! blush formula in Pillow Talk to the apples of the cheeks for a soft, Valentine’s Day makeup look. Add a second dot for a more pigmented flush, and if blush is your one true love, DIAL UP THE DOTS and add a third to really make the cheeks POP!

    Tilbury Tip: There are 4 SHADES of NEW! Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wands, each inspired by Pillow Talk! There’s the original Pillow Talk, a gorgeous, suits-all pink, Pillow Talk Pop of Pink, a dainty, light pink, Pillow Talk Peach Pop, a nude-toned, peachy pink, and Pillow Talk Dream Pop, a juicy, cherry-pink.

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