Colour Chameleon - Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencil

Discover Charlotte's Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils and learn how to cheat your way to intense, bedazzling eye colour in the stroke of a pencil!

Cheat your way to intense, bedazzling eye colour in the stroke of a pencil! Bring out your eyes’ natural gemstone sparkle with my COLOUR CHAMELEON eye shadow pencils, infused with synthetic sapphire. Enhance your natural eye colour with clever lighting tricks I’ve learnt over 20 years in the industry: using the laws of contrasting colours and light flex technology you can literally transform and enhance your natural eye colour.

Application Tips

  1. colour chameleon application

    1. Run the eyeshadow pencil along the lash line

    Make sure your pencil is as sharp as possible! Run the eye shadow pencil along the lash line and blend upwards and outwards across the socket. Sweep, blend or smudge with your finger – apply it any way you want to. Work quickly as this brilliant formula will set after 30 seconds and stay in place until it’s time to take it off!

  2. colour chameleon bronzed garnet

    2. Day time look

    For the day, I suggest you choose from my natural shade selection, depending on your eye colour.

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  3. colour chameleon amethyst aphrodisiac

    3. Night time look

    For the night, choose the sexy, smoky shades I have put together and don’t be afraid to run some of the colour under the lower lash line for sultry bedroom eyes.

    Shop Colour Chameleon in Amethyst Aphrodisiac

  4. An open, black eyeliner pencil with its cap next to it with a black mascara with its applicator next to it.

    4. Apply eye liner & mascara

    To finish off the look apply your choice of Charlotte Tilbury eye liner and lashings of my Full Fat Lashes mascara.

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