Charlotte’s Beauty Kits Featuring Supercharged Makeup & Skincare Ingredients

Discover magical science-powered beauty kits featuring supercharged makeup and skincare ingredients for a gorgeous, flawless looking complexion.


Beautify your complexion whilst ENHANCING, BRIGHTENING and TRANSFORMING the look of your skin with Charlotte’s SCIENCE-POWERED makeup and skincare sets! These beauty kits combine SUPERCHARGED makeup and skincare ingredients and SCIENCE-POWERED, EXPERTLY-MIXED formulas to provide CLINICALLY-PROVEN RESULTS! From the GROUND-BREAKING REPLEXIUM® found in Airbrush Flawless Foundation to REDUCE the appearance of WRINKLES by up to 22% in 8 weeks‡, to the HYDRATING HYALURONIC ACID and PLUMPING-EFFECT BIONYMPH PEPTIDE found in the award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser, discover the science-powered skincare and makeup ingredients for BRIGHTER, PLUMPER, SMOOTHER, YOUNGER looking skin!

Fresh Glowing Finish Kit

Create a dewy-looking GLOW and flood your skin with a SUPERCHARGED matrix of makeup and skincare ingredients with Charlotte’s Fresh Glowing Finish Kit.

Featuring a travel-sized pot of Charlotte’s Magic Cream - the ICONIC, science-powered moisturiser that’s enriched with supercharged oils and ingredients including BIONYMPH PEPTIDE for PLUMPER-LOOKING skin and HYALURONIC ACID for a BOOST of HYDRATION - plus glow-boosting, MOISTURISING complexion heroes Light Wonder foundation, Magic Away concealer and Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder, this beauty kit is perfect for creating hydrated, dewy, brighter looking skin!

In a clinical study for Charlotte’s Magic Cream, 100% AGREE WRINKLES appear REDUCED!*

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4x3 - Science Powered Complexion Perfection Kit

Science-Powered Complexion Perfection Kit

Science-Powered Complexion Perfection Kit is a NEW! makeup and skincare kit for science-powered complexion perfection! Featuring Brightening Youth Glow, a MOISTURISING, COLOUR-CORRECTING face primer, Airbrush Flawless Foundation, Charlotte’s innovation foundation where makeup magic meets skincare science, and Magic Away liquid concealer, your magic makeup wand to SMOOTH, CONCEAL and BRIGHTEN the look of your skin.

After colour-correcting, hydrating and priming the appearance of your skin with Brightening Youth Glow, apply your complexion-perfecting foundation and concealer! The full-coverage, long-lasting formula of Airbrush Flawless Foundation is enriched with GROUND-BREAKING REPLEXIUM® to significantly REDUCE the appearance of WRINKLES by up to 22% after 8 weeks††, and Magic Away concealer SMOOTHS and BRIGHTENS the look of your skin with PERSIAN SILK TREE BARK EXTRACT and PALMITOYL GLYCINE.

_In a clinical study for Brightening Youth Glow, 100% agree pores and blemishes are INSTANTLY BLURRED!†

Flawless Poreless Skin Secrets

The perfect makeup duo for HYDRATED, SMOOTH, YOUTHFUL LOOKING skin! Together with the GROUND-BREAKING, supercharged skincare ingredient REPLEXIUM®, the REVOLUTIONARY formula of Airbrush Flawless Foundation is enriched with MossCellTec™ No. 1 to boost HYDRATION by up to +216%††, and AirCool™ for an instant FRESH feel on the skin‡! Complete your poreless, flawless-looking base with Airbrush Flawless Finish powder, a finishing powder enriched with ROSE WAX and ALMOND OIL to HYDRATE your skin and SMOOTH the look of your complexion.

Airbrush Flawless Foundation BOOSTS skin moisture levels by 216% in 1 hour!††

4x3 - flawless poreless skin secrets

4x3 - perfect skin day kit

Perfect Skin Day Kit

Featuring Charlotte’s award-winning, BEST-SELLING moisturiser, REVOLUTIONARY full coverage foundation and COMPLEXION-PERFECTING liquid concealer, Charlotte’s Perfect Skin Day Kit combines makeup magic with skincare science!

Always begin your makeup look with Charlotte’s Magic Cream, a moisturiser with a science-powered formula enriched Charlotte’s Magic Matrix of 8 SUPERCHARGED ingredients, including BioNymph Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamins C & E. Next, create a poreless, flawless-looking complexion with the REPLEXIUM®- infused Airbrush Flawless Foundation and brightening -effect magic wand of makeup, Magic Away concealer!

In a clinical study for Charlotte’s Magic Cream, 100% felt their skin was INSTANTLY MOISTURISED*

Skin Brightening Duo

Charlotte’s Skin Brightening Duo is the most magical skincare set for brighter-looking skin! Featuring the award-winning Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser and colour-correcting Brightening Youth Glow face primer, this duo of skincare icons is perfect for creating a radiant-looking complexion.

Both of these science-powered skincare icons feature BIONYMPH PEPTIDE, a supercharged skincare ingredient for plumper-looking skin. Brightening Youth Glow also features WATERCRESS EXTRACT to moisturise, and NIACINAMIDE to brighten and even the appearance of your skin, whilst a magic matrix of oils and ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia Oil and Shea Butter are present in the ICONIC, hydrating Charlotte’s Magic Cream.

In a clinical study for Brightening Youth Glow, 100% saw an improvement in their SKIN TONE & LUMINOSITY!†


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Skin Transformation Duo

Moisturise, hydrate, plump the look of your skin and create a DREAMY, GLOWING canvas for makeup with Charlotte’s Skin Transformation Duo.

Together with the globally-adored, science-powered, supercharged Charlotte’s Magic Cream moisturiser is Wonderglow, a hydrating face primer enriched with SUPERCHARGED ingredients including FLORESCENT CORE LIGHT DIFFUSER to add a RADIANT-looking glow and REDUCE the appearance of WRINKLES and imperfections, and HYALURONIC ACID to HYDRATE your skin for up to 24 hours!

In a clinical study for Wonderglow, 100% AGREE skin looks DEWY and RADIANT‡‡

*103 women tested over 4 weeks

†30 women tested over 4 weeks

††Tested on 30 men and women

‡Tested on 22 women

‡‡32 women tested over 1 week

REPLEXIUM® is a registered trademark by BASF Beauty Care Solutions France SAS

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