Meet The New Rebel – The Iconic Green Eyeshadow Palette Reimagined

Meet the new Rebel, Charlotte's green eyeshadow palette reimagined for a golden green smokey eye. Discover the palettes and how to wear green eyeshadow.

Charlotte’s Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Rebel has been revamped and REIMAGINED for the new year! Discover the dreamy eyeshadow palette with four colour-coded, easy-to-use shades including glowing gold, hypnotising olive and shimmering khaki, for a NEW way to wear green eyeshadow.

THE REBEL resized 4x3

“Darlings, you all ADORED my original Rebel palette, so I’ve got a NEW! secret for you. These sultry, smokey, rich shades of gold and green flatter EVERYONE at EVERY AGE. I want to give the world the ability to embrace their naughtiest, most rebellious side, so I have expertly colour curated my NEW! Rebel palette with universally flattering gold to bronzy-khaki shades for a modern green smokey eye. It’s my most seductive green gaze ever!!”

- Charlotte Tilbury

Who Is The Rebel?

The Rebel refuses to conform and DEMANDS constant reimagination. She treats makeup as an art form, dialling up the smoke to mesmerise on a date and adding a POP of sparkle that glitters as she dances. Her go-to smokey eye is an unconventional mossy-green, lit with pearls to hypnotise everyone she meets. She is a chameleon with colour and not afraid to express individuality through her look!

Be the ultimate rebel and create this ICONIC, unconventional golden, khaki-green eyeshadow look to take you from desk, to date, to disco…

Discover The Eye-Enhancing Shades For Your Green Eyeshadow Look

Charlotte’s Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in The Rebel includes four dreamy eyeshadows that blend, layer and create a MAGICAL golden green gaze.

PRIME: a rich, sparkling true gold to create a shimmering base THE REBEL SWATCH-2 resized 4x3

ENHANCE: a deep, molten khaki green eyeshadow for a gorgeous wash of unconventional colour

THE REBEL SWATCH-3 resized 4x3

SMOKE: a sultry, shimmering olive-green hue that amps up the drama

THE REBEL SWATCH-4 resized 4x3

POP: a mossy gold with shimmering pearls to add a magical veil of golden sparkle

THE REBEL SWATCH-1 resized 4x3

Step 1: Start by applying the rich golden Prime shade to the entire eyelid using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush.

Step 2: Wash the molten khaki green Enhance shade over your eyelids and into the crease of your eye using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush. Apply this shade along the upper and lower lash-line for added definition.

Step 3: Taking the SMOKE shade, a deep olive green eyeshadow, apply into the crease using the Eyeshadow Blender Brush, before smudging the shade into the upper and lower lash-lines with the Eye Smudger Brush to intensify the look.

Step 4: Apply the POP shade onto the centre of your eyelid, pressing in the shimmering gold shade with your fingertip for a gorgeous veil of sparkle.

Step 5: Line your upper lash-line with Rock ‘N’ Kohl eyeliner pencil in Bedroom Black, drawing along the lash-line and extending upwards into a winged eyeliner shape. Using the Eye Liner Brush, blend onto the lower lash-line for added sultry definition!

Step 6: Apply lashings and lashings of Full Fat Lashes mascara in Glossy Black to the upper and lower eyelashes before applying your favourite pair of false eyelashes to complete the look.

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