Perfume & Fragrance Gifts

Shop perfume with the First Ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions by Charlotte Tilbury: SCENTS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL...!

Backed by NEUROSCIENCE + 40 years of research, these fragrances are your SIX INVISIBLE SUPERPOWERS to spray on your dreams and UNLOCK EMOTIONS! Boost your chosen mood with Emotion-Boosting Molecules!

They feel like portals to other worlds, transporting you through different dimensions to however you want to feel, and whoever you want to be! Enter a PORTAL TO PURE PARADISE and HAPPINESS with Joyphoria, dream of a TRANQUIL OASIS with Calm Bliss, discover the secret to SEDUCTION with More Sex, bathe in the GLOW OF UNIVERSAL LOVE with Love Frequency, feel EMPOWERED with Cosmic Power and immerse yourself in the DIVINE ENERGY of a magical forest with Magic Energy! I am empowering everyone, everywhere to architect their dream day + night with fragrance!